Journal # 162 – Friday Movie Night

Another week’s gone. Weekend is here. For some reason, despite me hating my job, I manage to be productive enough to deliver a function for the project that involve WCF, Authentication, and WPF.

Other than working, I actually spent most of my working hours chatting with my colleagues, doing job searches, looking for courses, and chatting on Facebook with my friends.

At around 1800hrs, I left office and made my way to Jem to meet my friend for movie.

I’m writing this part of the journal while sitting in the cinema. Earlier, I went to have dinner first at Xing Wang Cafe, ordered their speciality fried rice, a piece of pork chop, and a glass of iced honey lemon drink. While I was eating, my friend went to collect the movie ticket for the movie call Innocent Curse at 1900hrs.

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.