Journal #165 – Pet Peeves, Maybe OCD

Why do I write this?

Because my mom moved my MacBook, caused the power adapter to disconnect (luckily it wasn’t powered otherwise, a short-circuit could happen), and moved the mice.

I get that she needs to wipe my computer desk and I should be the one wiping.


For some reason, she don’t get that I hate people touching my stuff, especially my electronic devices. It’s so obvious that I always get extremely upset over such incidents.

This is one of my pet peeves. I somehow don’t think it’s any different from OCD. People suffering from OCD have certain extreme preference for certain order, certain color, etc.

It is also rude when no permission was asked. And I feel an overwhelming sense of dread. Every electronic that I buy or own are not cheap. They are usually top-of-the-line at that time, and I used my own money to buy them. I take especially good care of my devices. So I can’t help but feel that there is always a very good chance an accident will happen and I end up needing to replace the item and worse, lose all my data.

Now, I also apply this carefulness when I handle other people stuff but I will still ask permission if I want to manipulate or touch something. But I can’t say the same for others.

My family, especially parents, are traditional asian type. Therefore, they don’t get the need for certain boundaries. I guess the only way to reduce my anxiety level is: I shall just either keep my electronic device in some locked cabinet in my room or bring it with me to work (even though I don’t need it there. Use of your own computing device is not allowed at my current workplace). Practicality vs preventing anxiety attack… I rather go with the latter.

Of course Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help but I don’t see it affecting my quality of life. It didn’t reach that stage where it’s affecting my relationship with other people because my friends and colleagues do ask permission and vice versa.

Only when it comes to my parents this issue comes up.

I have other pet peeves too.

I get upset when I’m touched, even accidentally, by strangers. And sometimes even by friends.

I get really upset when something that I owned is damaged or ruined due to negligence or indifference during handling.

I find it extremely disgusting if I have to share my used utensils with other people or when people used their used utensils to grab food for me. So either use the service utensils or I grab it myself.

I hate it when people are making weird stupid noises in cinemas.

I think that’s all that I could think of.

What are your pet peeves?