Journal #167 – Updated to iOS 11 and Out of iCloud Storage

Normally, I will wait at least a week before updating my software, especially if it is the operating system. This time around, I updated my Apple devices as soon as the iOS 11 update is out.

The first device that I updated was my iPad Pro because it was not really a critical device. Yes, I use it to do my writing, browse the web, watch YouTube video but I could do those on my other devices too. That’s why I classify it as non-critical. After a slight hesitation, I went to update my iPhone 6S, which is my work phone.

While the update went on, I went to eat my breakfast and use my other iPhone. Since yesterday, my iCloud storage was full and I didn’t know why. I tried to clean up my backups and remove apps data but it didn’t help. So I went to sign up for 50GB of iCloud storage.

I used iCloud primarily for syncing my writing across my Apple devices. And I have since stopped using OneDrive for such purpose. One primarily reason for that was because of Microsoft’s lack of per-file encryption unless we use the business plan. Their stance on privacy hasn’t been very clear and during the iPhone 5 unlocking fiasco, Microsoft’s stance made me think twice about using their services. So I only store non-sensitive information on OneDrive.

By the time I was done eating, and the storage space upgraded, the update on all both devices were done. I went and finished configuring the devices before going for a shower.

After that, I went to update the remaining iPhone. It took quite a while before it was done. I left house for work and reached office much later than usual. I mean I tend to reach 10 minutes after the official start time these days but today was 15 minutes later.

I will proceed to update my Apple Watch tonight to WatchOS 4.

Anyway, I also went to verify the findings of this article by Ryan Lau about how Apple is no longer attentive to details. I found them all.

Dear Apple, where that 5% extra effort?

iOS 11 came with a whole bunch of new features and I’m sure you can Google for them. But there is something that caught my eye in iOS 11. It is a shutdown function hidden away in the Settings > General. But why is it here?

I shall go and play with the new features in iOS 11.

Here I conclude my journal for today.