Journal #172 – Ill Sunday, My Health and Anti-smoking Rant

Upon waking up this morning, I realized that I was feeling kind of sick. I had runny nose combine with sneezing, and a mild throat irritation.

I’m not surprise as I hadn’t been eating very healthily these past few days. For lunch when I was at work, I eat stuff like BBQ pork with Roast Pork rice from coffee shops and hawker centers or fried rice. Then on Thursday night, I ate a slice of Bakkwa and yesterday I ate at the Tonkatsu Bistro by Ma Maison at Westgate mall for lunch, ordering the black pork cutlet with fried breaded prawns. Over the last week or so, I have also restarted my coffee drinking.

Other than the fact I need to deal with a runny nose, I spent half of today watching Netflix, spent some time preparing and publishing the Restaurant and Food review. In the afternoon, I went about doing some freelance work, fixing the software bugs raised by my client.

I also took a Fedac tablet for my runny nose in the afternoon at around 4.30pm. By around 5.30pm, the drug kicked in and my nose wasn’t that runny anymore. But that tablet can cause drowsiness and so I actually dozed off several times while seated, trying to codes.

Hell, I even accidentally click restart instead of shutdown on the menu of my Synology NAS because I was so sleepy.

After I’m done with my work, and uploaded the required files to my client’s FTP server, I went for a quick 3.8 km run and walked another 2 km instead of my usual 6 km. I felt energetic enough to do it. I actually wanted to run at the stadium today and made my way there only to see that it was closed. I don’t know why and I didn’t bother checking. So I had no choice but to run by the road, having to breathe in the smog and secondhand smoke.

This is the part where I feel like ranting. I am so pissed off by the air quality in Singapore.

Look, one of my value is health. I know it’s kind of ironic considering that I hadn’t been eating healthy lately and I am here complaining about smog and secondhand smoke. The fact is, air pollution and smoking tend to cause more health damage because you can’t control it and you unknowingly breathe those residues in. I know I breathed them in because I can smell them. My nose is that sensitive.

Singapore isn’t a green city. It is a lie. We got all these fucking smokers walking around, smoking and leaving behind a trail of toxic airborne chemicals.

Did you know that it takes the body up to eight hours to clear the toxins inhaled, even if it’s a single whiff? I bet you don’t. And those smokers don’t give a fuck about other people’s health. They poison their kids if any, poison others, and their breath stinks.

What is Singapore government doing? Well, they raised the minimum age of smoking from 18 to 21. They added more areas to the smoking ban list, not that it matters because there is no enforcement and the smokers don’t give a fuck. I see smokers happily smoking away under sheltered pathways, public corridors, and many places where smoking is banned.

Lastly, I got a whole bunch of fucking neighbors that smoke a lot and the residues are blown into my room, every day! Complaining to NEA also saw nothing being done. I have to close my windows but it makes my whole room so stuffy.

Ok, I’m done ranting but I still don’t feel good. Because as of right now, I still smell cigarette residues coming into my room. I shall proceed to do something else.

Here I conclude my journal for today.