Journal # 186 – Feeling Blue on a Sunday

I woke up this morning feeling no desire to do anything. But I force myself to do something and so I will just document down what I did. Nothing fancy or exciting.

I had salad first for breakfast while my mom prepared fried noodles. After she’s done, I ate one and a half plate of noodles before proceeding to play several hours of Everspace until about 3.30pm when I started feeling hungry again.

Since my mom prepared a big pot of fried noodles, I went to eat that again.

Played an hour of Starlight Genimi, a game that I bought right after finishing my lunch before deciding to go for a run.

I wanted to run at the stadium and it was finally opened after a long renovation work. When I got there and was preparing to run on the track when I got shooed out by someone. I don’t even know why and got a little upset. There was no notice or what. So I left and ran along the road like I always do. Ran for about 5 km before deciding to stop.

I am trying to avoid running along the roads due to the amount of toxic chemicals in the air, from both cars and irresponsible smokers. Anyway, to me, it’s a lie that Singapore is a green city. It’s not green enough. Still too much pollution in the air.

After that, had a quick shower before making my way to the mall to get some probiotics and a tumbler from Starbucks. I got the tumbler because I’m taking into consideration the amount of times I get drinks from there. It’s simply more environmentally friendly for me to use my own tumbler instead of the plastic cups which are disposed after I’m done. I also got a iced mocha and simply spent the time just walking around the mall. Left the place after I’m done with the drink.

Came back home, had dinner and watched a movie called Security on Netflix. It’s really just a mindless movie for me, watching it for the action sequence, which isn’t that spectacularly great either.

Anyway, I felt like ranting about global warming and climate change but I won’t do it in this entry. I will write another entry for that.

Here I conclude my journal for today.