Journal #187 – Productive Day with More Starbucks

Without coffee, I highly doubt I will even have a productive day. My body has developed some sort of immunity to the amount of caffeine I take but can’t live without. I needed a certain amount of caffeine to even stay awake or do anything decently.

I know this runs counter to what being a minimalist is all about where something that you consume adds value to your life and consumption shouldn’t be in excess. But it’s my solution to counteract the lower energy levels caused by my neuroticism. I think my brain don’t have that much energy left after having process threats, dealing with anxiety, thinking of the futures and the outcomes, etc. Maybe I’m wrong or right about this. All I know is it works for me.

I mentioned that I bought a Starbucks tumbler yesterday so that I can save the environment by not using plastic cups and also save a little bit of money buying coffee everyday. Starbucks gives 50 cents discount for drinks that are filled in your own tumblers. I applaud this initiative of theirs and it’s one of the reason why I buy their things.

With that, I went to Starbucks and filled up my black tumbler with iced Americano. It was actually a wrong order. I blurted out the wrong order because I was so sleepy in the morning. And Due to the size of the tumbler, it’s actually grande sized instead of venti.

With that coffee, I went through the morning doing development work and was able to finish half of what the tasks that I wanted to do for today before going for lunch. That means functionalities related to user creation and management.

After coming back from lunch, I went out again with my tumbler in hand and ordered Earl Grey along with a box of instant coffee from Starbucks. I went with the Italian Roast for $13.90. There are 12 sticks of instant coffee.

This coffee isn’t for me though. I bought it for my family as I wanted them to try what I feel to be a better coffee, a more ecologically friendly coffee. The coffee they consumed I feel are of an inferior quality, not environmentally friendly, and not ethically sourced.

Ok, let me digress for a bit.

You see, these days when I buy products, I will try to at least ensure that the company publishes detail reports about where they source their materials, the environmental impact, and whether they are ethical. I personally don’t mind paying more for products that are in a way help uplift other societies or communities and not contribute to the destruction of our planet.

Now back to the main point. I bought the Earl Grey because I didn’t want to drink too much coffee that would prevent me from sleeping tonight but needed something caffeinated and soothing so that I can power through the rest of the afternoon and finish the tasks that I set out to do.

And so I did managed to finish the implementation of the user management module, started work on the roles, and user/role assignment module before I left office.

I suppose tomorrow I will continue to get myself closer to finishing the end product.