Journal #188 – I care about things maybe a little too much

I’m someone who feels deeply and get upset when things aren’t at their ideal. I am quite opinionated when it comes to certain things in life or in society as a whole.

Of course, there are people who said it’s none of my business and I shouldn’t care. To some, caring so much affects one’s mental health, and causes unnecessary stress. Some may say I should just keep the comments to myself and don’t upset the status quo. Maybe they are wrong or maybe they are right. I supposed it highly depends on the situation. What I know is that, if no one questions why things are a certain way and get the conversation going, nothing will change. In some cases, it will get worse.

An example would be the excessive pragmatism adopted by Singaporeans in general, until the point where nobody does anything if there is no short term monetary reward. I’m upset, disgusted, and at times angry about this situation because it affects me too. I like to believe that I’m a creative-type person who is also intellectual though I tend to contradict myself every so often because my thoughts are everywhere. I feel like I’m suffocating.

Yes, I know pragmatism is necessary to survive and it’s the practical thing to do. However, it takes away risk-taking behaviors. It takes away innovation. It suffocates whatever creative endeavors that a person may feel like taking on. It destroys the soul. This is probably why Singapore is amongst the world’s most unhappy nations.

It is my belief that the economies of the future will require societies to be creating new ideas and new products. That’s not to say the service industry is not important. Services will still play a big part. But it feels like Singaporeans are stuck in this mindset of being a worker in a highly-skilled production line where ideas come from the very top, who may or may not have a complete understanding of future requirement.

The other thing that I care about is the environment.

I care about how each nation and every company on this planet tries to fulfill the obligations stated in the Paris Agreement. So far, only a few nations actually take any substantial actions to meet those obligations. United States so far has proven to be utterly disappointing.

United States government is practically declaring war on the climate and wants more pollution because the president believed climate change to be a hoax. The other politicians has shown time and time again to be against the future generations, self-centered, caring only to fulfill the wishes of the other bunch of people who cares only about profit by focusing on policies that introduce coal back, approved oil pipelines, undoing green initiative, and many more. Yes, I’m referring to every single Republican politicians, and maybe some Democrats.

I’m definitely upset but there’s nothing I can do about it because I’m just one person and it’s not my country. Americans made their choice and decided to drag the whole world down with them. That’s how I feel. At least China showed leadership when it comes to fighting climate change.

The other issue related to environment is smoking. I know I have been talking about how smoking affects my health and the healths of other people around. But little does people know smoking also causes global warming and damages the environment around.

Every puff releases chemicals that are subsequently carried by the winds which subsequently land somewhere on the ground, in the waters, in the soils, etc. Considering just how many smokers are there in the whole world, it adds up. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide are also released into the atmosphere.

Yet, using Singapore as the context, our approach to putting an end to smoking is what I feel to be too slow and not draconian enough. Only next year will we raise the minimum age of smoking from 18. Enforcement of smoking bans will only be properly done next year too. I mean…what the fuck?

I seriously feel that the whole industrial complex dedicated to making cigarettes shouldn’t even exist as the whole process involves some kind of serious environmental and health impact.

But I’ve got people telling me that we can’t ban smoking because we need the tax dollars. All I can do is to just glare and ask, “are you fucking serious?” Despite all the bad associated with smoking, all you care about is tax dollar? And now you know why being so pragmatic is such a bad thing? There are certain things that really just can’t be negotiated, not if we want to deal with something as bad as climate change and health problems.

Let’s not forget that I got friends who tell me that I’m weak because I can’t even take a little bit of secondhand smoke. Should I even call these people friends? Maybe not. I don’t care if you want to die young of inhaling all kinds of toxic chemicals but it doesn’t mean you have the right to drag me along with you.

In case anyone forgets, one of my core values is after all Health. The other being Environment. I mentioned this under my core value entry a few weeks back and foundational values entry even further back in time.

I’m sure you can count the number of times I mentioned I was upset about certain things. How disappointed I am. Now you know why it may not be healthy. But I supposed it’s all related to me being a highly-sensitive person. Maybe my neuroticism plays a part too.

Anyway, I am not very sure where to put this entry under. I feel like it’s a form of musing and at the same time, I feel like it’s a form of journal. For now, I think I will put this as my journal.