Journal #192 – In Recovery

The last two days had been nasty. Aches all over and pain were amplified.

For most of yesterday, I lost my appetite though I did try to force myself to eat something. Managed to finish lunch without major incident. After work, I chose to meet up with my friend for dinner, thinking that I will be fine. I mean it’s had been fine so far. I took some pain medication. In hindsight, I actually self-medicated with Hyoscine ButylBromide (left over prescriptions for my gut issues back in June, before the endoscopy in August of this year) after lunch, which may have helped with the gut discomfort. Maybe that’s why I felt better to meet my friend.

After dinner, well, that’s when things went wrong.

My mood went downhill and felt truly sick. I got snappy. Then my friend and I went to Swensens to have some ice-cream. Instead of ice cream alone, my friend also ordered a large box of fries. I was like “what the hell?” The sight of food already want to make me puke by then.

The fries came and my friend kept pushing me to eat because he can’t finish it. I’m like, “dude, the sight of food is making me feel like puking. And worse, it’s carbohydrate and deep-fried.” He kept pushing, I kept rejecting.

By then, my nerves were already at tipping point but I kept being asked if I’m ok up to three times. Then my friend proceeded to act out my actions of me trying to control my desire to puke and the general discomfort. That did pushes me off the edge so I glared at him.

Anyway, I guess next time, even at the slightest of discomfort that I’m feeling, I better reject all outings with people and stay at home.

So this morning, I went ahead and see the doctor and got some medications. It was stomach flu as I suspected. I have it often enough to know the symptoms.

The medications prescribed to me by the doctors are all so colorful. They are for the purpose of controlling diarrhea, nausea, bloatness, other general gut discomfort.

I spent most of my day sleeping as the medicines are causing me to feel drowsy. I did try to catch up on all the tv shows that I didn’t watch over the week but my body is also suffering from the effects of spending too much time in front of a screen. So… I will have to balance everything.

Here I conclude my journal for today.