Journal #201 – Crossing two hundred, all about consistency

It is actually not surprising that I have crossed my two hundred journal entry. That’s what happen when you keep writing every day. I have to note that I didn’t really start writing everyday until mid July of this year.

However, it doesn’t change a thing. I still live my life as how I always did for as far as I know except for maybe some changes as I age. Work still take up a big part of my day. When I’m not working, I’m consuming content of various sort and do writing.

I don’t know if my writing has improved. What I do know is that it is still hard to write about stuff everyday. A lot of times, I still care about the type of content I put up. After all, one of my core value is quality. I don’t like to put up works that I don’t feel proud of or has at least some kind of quality.

But in order to put out quality stuff, you need to keep doing crappy stuff and learn from it. Quantity breeds quality. It’s the same thing as my day job and that is being a programmer. In order for me to write better codes at a faster rate, I need to keep writing codes.

A good example? I have always done Java ever since I graduated from Polytechnic. On a side note, I love that language. So I have done projects with it so many times and keep using to practice object-oriented programming until the point where now I can churn out new application relatively fast and they are as far as I’m concern, in accordance to object-oriented principle with domain driven design as a supporting framework to guide me.

I think I mentioned before. A friend of mine told me there is no need to write everyday. If there is nothing to write, don’t write. So this is a good example where I can use to demonstrate the power of consistent practice. Even if you have nothing to write or is tired, make the time to write something.

I’m also pretty sure people know about the 10,000 hour practice rule. Well, I have had written blogs since 2009. Back then, I wrote a lot about me, my life, and it had my rants. I had some curated content too like news, not so different from my news roundups. I have of course deleted all of those during the middle of 2016 because of I keep finding myself in some major data breaches across various sites. I got frustrated with the fact how much of m personal information is out there due to negligence on companies’ part.

Thinking back, from 2009 to 2016, I have already cross that 10,000 hour threshold. During that time, I have also finished a novel which I never properly publish. I still have a whole bunch of stories still in draft mode sitting around in various storage devices that I have. As of now, I still have more stories in draft mode which I never got around to complete them because I lost focus and dislike the synopsis.

When I did get back to writing in March of this year to document my life, I didn’t think much of it. I just wrote and hit the publish button.

I guess, I do have the knack for writing but I don’t think I write great. Grammar mistakes here and there. But let’s not forget, I did play text-based role-playing games when I was younger. Now, I actually won’t mind playing it again…

So here you go. Be consistent in whatever it is you do. Just keep doing it and keep in mind, quantity over quality. I need to remind myself that too.