Journal #204 – On Vegan Diet, aligning with personal values

As of this week, I have embarked on a mostly vegan diet. I’m on it because it’s all about aligning my short term action with my value of ecological conservation. Part of conservation of ecology involves reducing my personal carbon footprint.

Various articles like this one from Time or this one from Greeneatz or this one from Science have shown that by being a meat eater, one has a higher carbon footprint compared to vegans.

There are various vegetarian restaurants near my work place where I have been eating at during lunch. One such restaurant is Greendot where I ate their bento sets.

Last Friday, after lunch, I also ordered their strawberry kiwi salad to serve as tea break.

On Tuesday, I went to search for other restaurants and found one called Simply Wrapps. They do serve meat but I personally went with making my own salad. By default, the salad comes with romaine lettuce

So this was what I had, in addition to the the lettuce, went with broccoli, cherry tomato, peanuts, strawberries, olive, carrots and french beans. For dressing, I went with olive oil.

However, eating at these restaurants raises my daily expenditure by a lot. It does feel like you are a maximalist instead of a minimalist. That was why on Wednesday, I went and eat with my colleagues, ordering food from what we call in Singapore the economic mixed vegetable rice, where you choose your side dishes from a wide selection. I went to mostly beans and soy-based side-dishes.

I personally hate to eat at these kind of stalls due to their level of hygiene. It’s one of the most unhygienic food stall you can eat from due to the nature of the food being cooked in advanced, exposed to things like flies, and salivas that went flying when the stall’s employees talk to customer. Also, I have my fair share of encountering cooked caterpillars or maggots, and even flying insects that fell in during the cooking process.

Ok, enough of my rant about unhygienic food.

For today, I ate at Simply Wrapps again. This time around I chose Cherry Tomato, Grapes, Apple, Broccoli, French Beans and Carrot. For dressing, I went with olive oil again.

I also ordered a drink consisting of bitter gourd, also known as Momordica charantia, lemon, and orange.

The best part of going vegan is that I feel generally better though I get hungry faster and earlier. I am slightly more energetic, and happier. I suppose I will only start seeing other major changes after continuing this for a longer period of time.

Ok, that’s all for today.

One thought on “Journal #204 – On Vegan Diet, aligning with personal values

  1. Thanks for this post Bran! I’m newly vegan myself, and I can totally relate to pretty much everything you said. I absolutely love how energised it makes me feel. As a student, however, I’ve learned to eat a lot cheaper as a vegan and find that making my own meals is generally just as- if not more- cheap than my non-vegan friends’ meals! Obviously this is a bit more time-consuming, but if it works with your schedule then it might be worth the try. Best of luck!

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