Journal #205 – Last Friday of October

My job is now approaching two months. By now, I have mostly adapted to my work environment.

So far, I have managed to maintain a strict work-life balance. This has created a positive feedback in a way that allow me to deliver quality to the best of my ability and focusing on implementing features required. I’m proud of what I have achieved.

I am personally happier too because I am self-aware enough to make intentional choices and decisions about what I do in life. I’m not going to let people dictate how I live my life. I suppose I did have that awareness but lost touch with it to please people and hope to make my life easy.

Anyway, I stayed slightly later today to finish some codes. Think of it as a form of closure before calling it a day. I didn’t want to come back next week and try to recall what I was doing halfway.

Then I left office to meet my friend for a movie and dinner. Since my friend isn’t a pure or even partial vegan, I accommodated by eating at Ichiban Boshi where there is a variety. He can choose his own while I choose to go with sashimi rice and a separate fried tofu. I just don’t eat land-based animals due to the amount of pollution caused by the process of farming them. Much higher fishes.

We went home after the movie and here I am on the bus writing this journal.

Ok, that’s all for now.