Journal #207 – Sick Sunday with some games and napping

I woke up early this morning with a clogged nose which later became runny with sneezing.

I had a quick breakfast of oatmeal so that I could take medicine for my runny nose. I also turned on my Mac just to check on something regarding my Netflix account. The company sent me an email saying that it had problems with my credit card. Turns out it was because the bank had some system maintenance between 2 and 6 am which caused the issue. I went and update the card details again to trigger payment again and it worked.

I also went to check on my credit card bills and turns out I actually spent nearly $1200. That’s not even including the bills that I have to pay. The games I bought from Steam and the various restaurants that I eat at throughout October contributed to that. Otherwise, my daily consumption of Starbucks should only at most hit $300 per month. Even after factoring my daily lunch outside and transportation, I should at max spend only $600. Anyway, it felt painful but then I eat at those places because of the environment and the ambience. Compare to a coffee shop of food court, it’s “less” simulating and I’m with friends, mostly one-on-one. That I value more.

After that I went out to get rice and side dishes from the vegetarian store near my house. Then I went for a quick shower and went out to meet a friend at Jurong Point for a movie, Thor Ragnarok.

By now, the medicine for my runny nose had already kicked in and was feeling extremely drowsy. So I actually dozed off for a bit until the start of the movie.

After the movie, my friend and I went to eat at the Legendary Hong Kong restaurant. It isn’t really a vegetarian-friendly place and so I just went with a simple Yang Zhou Fried Rice. When it arrived, well, turns out it had roasted pork chunks. Had to move them out of the way before I start eating.

I’m not a true vegan, not a true vegetarian either. I eat eggs and cheese as well as seafood. I just don’t eat land-based animal due to large ecological footprint left behind by the whole process of raising and slaughtering these animals (pigs, chickens, lamb, etc).

We went home at around 2.30pm and I went to take another pill for the runny nose. I took it with coffee so to counteract the drowsiness. But at around 4pm, it didn’t seem to work. I got very sleepy and so I decided to stop playing Everspace and took a nap instead. I left my PC locked so that I can pick up where I left off.

Before I went to take a nap, I did get myself in a pickle in the game where I got surrounded by a whole bunch of alien combat ships in Sector 5. They kept shooting at me with a whole bunch of weapons that I don’t recall seeing.

Let’s just say I didn’t survive the encounter.

After I woke up at around 6pm, I continued to play Everspace until about 8pm before I felt like I should be doing writing, at least write my journal.

In this later session, I also find myself encountering the alien corvette repeatedly. This is from Sector 2. I did get away successfully.

I’m not sure if the latest patch broke anything or what. Maybe I didn’t quite understand the game as much as I thought I did. Maybe my ship upgrades has made the enemies more powerful way earlier or that my skills had dropped. Maybe it’s just the sickness rendering me non-productive, non-alert. Ah, don’t really matter.

For dinner, my mom cooked mostly vegetarian dishes, some of which are processed food based on Soy. These food are made with artificial flavoring, etc. I actually do wonder about the ecological footprint of these items. If they do turn out to be having the same footprint as farming land-based animals, then I will also not eat them in the future.

That’s all for this journal for tonight. I shall proceed to catch some shows that I missed this week.

P.S. And yes, as of now, I didn’t go for a run. I don’t think I will for tonight but I promise I will make it up tomorrow. Just wanna let my body heal up from the lack of sleep earlier and this so call runny nose (not sure why I got it).