Journal #209 – Broke my vegetarian streak, Work was swarming

I went to work this morning and decided to order Veggie Delite sub from Subway to diversify my breakfast. Turns out I actually enjoy eating just veggies.

The morning at work was decent and I focused on fixing some minor issues and do up some minor features required by the customer. A part of me was feeling bored but I just have to do it. Part of the drudgery.

As it progressed towards the end of the work day, I got swarmed with stuff. There were some issues with enabling SSL for the web service. Then there was another issue with the authorization module where the logged on user didn’t have the correct set of accesses retrieved from the database. Following that was an improper implementation of the access control on the client side. Got quite frustrated. I gave up on trying to fix the first two as it was already 6pm. Time for me to go home and wind down for the day. I will fix the issues tomorrow.

At night, I had dinner consisting of porridge, fried vermicelli, and roasted chicken. The chicken part, well, it disgusted me when I ate it but I didn’t want to waste food and so I ate it. I ate a drumstick and a piece of chicken breast. The porridge did have pork belly and that I discard it. Tomorrow, I had to reset my diet back to vegetarian.

After dinner, I went on to do what I usually do at night. That’s winding down, clearing my head of work and focus on relaxing, and bring my mind back to the state of zen (somewhat).

Ok, that’s all for tonight.