Journal #210 – Surprisingly productive, a tad irritated

I got to say I felt today was particularly productive. The application that I was working on is now able to connect via HTTPS to the server backend using SOAP.

I know, I know. SOAP is an ancient technology to be using for web services but Singapore enterprises love it. To me, it’s an indication of a deeper problem with their culture and mindsets.

Other than the HTTPS, the application also is able to authenticate via Kerberos. So now with both working, the application fulfill the security requirement that the customer requires.

I also went and fixed some bugs with the authorization module where the tasks assigned to the user wasn’t loaded fully. Turns out there was some mistakes in my LINQ query. Fixed that and authorization is working properly. But then I haven’t done complete testing so there may be more bugs lurking somewhere.

I went to went and apply 5% more effort to deliver better user experience by fixing some minor issue like alignment of user control and automatic keyboard focus on certain user control when the form appear. These are the tiny things that affect overall perception of the quality of the application.

Last but not least, I also finished implementing a User Profile form and testing it before checking in the codes. After that, I left office right on time.

I also used the chance at work to update my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11.1. Once I reached home, I proceed to update my Apple Watch to WatchOS 4.1 and my other iPhone to iOS 11.1 too.

So far so good.

Well, not really.

After I reached home, showered and had dinner, my colleague called me regarding a company survey that the management is “chasing” us to complete.

That call irritated me. One thing that I hate a lot is when people call me at night when I’m at home, after work, to talk about work stuff. That’s why I always have my work phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode after 6pm. Today my work phone rang because I had it un-silenced because I was hoping to get a call from a job agent and had forgotten to silence it when he didn’t call. And I picked it up thinking it was the job agent.

You may be wondering about why I have this extreme clear separation of my work and life. It is part of my desire to lead a un-busy, minimalistic life so that I can focus on the things that matter to me. It is also part of my desire to prevent my neuroticism from kicking into high gear, generating lots of anxiety.

Anyway, I told my colleague that I haven’t done the survey and she said have to do it tomorrow morning. I just responded, “Yeah, ok. That’s all, right?”

She responded and the call ended.

After that, I just went about my business at home and let myself be mindful about the incident and move on. And naturally, to me this survey thing is not important, not urgent. It’s not like someone will suffer from major injury or death or massive financial loss if I don’t do.

So the lesson to learn here is that, everyday, you have to evaluate for yourself what is urgent and what is not and decide how you are going to slice up your time to do the work.