Journal #212 – Being professional, personal value alignment

Today was one of the rare days when I actually stayed behind in office until 6.30pm.


There is a scheduled deployment of the application next Monday in customer’s environment. In order to ensure the deployment even have a decent chance of success, we had to do a bunch of preparation work, such as preparing database scripts, the configuration files, compilation and generation of the executable file. We also had to do some testing to ensure all are working properly.

It was during those testings that I realized I had implemented the access control wrongly on the client side. There were a whole bunch of logical flaws and so I went about to fix them in under 15 minutes while juggling the need to test other parts of the application.

So in a way, today is also a productive day. I do feel good about it. I would say it’s a highly focused work day.

You see, although I keep mentioning about living a un-busy life, it doesn’t mean ignoring your job. One of my values is quality and that means being conscientious. If you aren’t conscientious, you can’t do quality. The output just simply won’t get there. And if I don’t output anything resembling quality, I will feel miserable at the end of the day.

Good thing about today is that it is a Friday. That means I have the weekend to properly wind down and not get over-stressed or over-stimulated. I’ll admit that I do feel a little anxious about Monday but I am currently training myself to practically let go of work stuff from my mind as soon as I reached home and focus on doing things that are required.

One of the thing that is required is heating up yesterday’s soup before my father and sister got back home. Originally, today I planned to meet a friend for a meal at The Sushi Bar but I had to raincheck it because of the soup. It was such a massive pot and it just doesn’t make sense to waste it. You see, my other value is ecological conservation. That means not wasting food is a big part of that.

Food wastage is actually the scourge of modern society. The amount of food wasted each day by modern societies such as Singapore could be used to feed hundreds if not thousands. The amount of resources used to create those food only for them to be wasted, that is what I call being anti-environment. People in general just prefer to consume and consume without caring, then discarding when they can no longer consume.

Anyway, I do have friends who misunderstood me or felt that I am being too self-absorbed or self-centered when I keep doing things my way or following my preference. Well, I’m all about my values in life. If I do something, it simply means that I’m trying to align my actions with my values. At times, my actions are contradicting each other because my values do contradict each other. Everyday, I’m always working to find a balance so that I don’t put myself in a position where I feel miserable just because I didn’t do something in accordance to one of the many values.

Right now, I’m probably explaining it or justifying my actions to you. But at the end of it, it’s really about not being misunderstood and I tend to forget who I am. So this serves as my own personal reminder.