Journal #216 – Work day primarily about debugging and code design, Got the Apple book

Instead of going to the customer’s office, I went back to my company office and spent most of the work day debugging. There were a whole bunch of functional bugs that were preventing proper use of the functions provided by the application.

While I was debugging, I came to find more issues with the codes written by one of my colleagues. It was written rather shabbily without care for the most obvious exceptions or error. The codes were everywhere and lots of duplication. The SOLID principles are practically not adhered to in any form or shape.

I care about the code design, whether the code stack implementing the use case is even remotely readable by another human in the fastest manner, proper exception handling or logging, and whether a function is at least 70% usable (arbitrary, subjective). So far, what I have seen is a whole bunch of mutated object-oriented codes.

I’m particularly upset because such mistakes are not committed by a junior member or a fresh graduate. It is committed by someone several times more senior than me.

But I suppose at the end of the day, even if I push hard for a proper code base, it’s pointless if the product cannot be delivered on time. And I know very well that most management people in Singapore don’t give a damn about code design. They only care about the end product, whether the product is shipped to the customer, and they get paid. Code design don’t make them money. I may be wrong but the impression I get is they rather let new hires jump straight into a bunch of spaghetti code and spend months studying it just to implement a new feature than focusing on having a nice, clean code base from the get go and let the new hire work from that, spending as little time as possible.

Anyway, other than getting upset over the code design and debugging my codes, I went about implementing some additional features that were missing from the deployed version of the application yesterday. There are more functions that are missing from the application and needed to be implemented. I’m thinking about the implication it might have on the UAT later this month, or early next month. I hope is the latter because I am not confident with the current state of the system.

On a lighter note, the Designed by Apple in California book arrived at the Apple Store and I went to collect it after work.

The whole packaging was rather heavy and carrying it with me as my friend and I went for dinner, followed by dessert, and then carrying it home is just tedious. But worth it.

Before I get to the book unboxing, I shall just show you what I have for dinner.

It’s a mushroom pasta with truffles.

For dessert, we had the Matcha Parfait.

Honestly, now as I’m writing this journal, preparing the images, I’m very hungry…

So let me get to the main highlight.

The book by Apple. The box itself is just that. Plain. White. The ultimate minimalist packaging.

After stripping away the seal and opening up the covers, reveal yet another white box.

Taking the white box out and flipping it around reveal this locking mechanism.

Unlocking it and there you go, the actual book itself.

I’m not gonna show the stuff inside as I’m not sure if I’m allowed. You know, copyright and all that. But I did do a quick browse but decided not to spend too much time on it now. Preparing the journal is more important for me.

There is nothing much for me to write now. I’m rather tired too. I shall end the journal here. Until the next one.