Journal #218 – Losing interest, Trying to recover

Being a highly sensitive person means that whatever that is going on inside of me is amplified.

My sleep debt is causing my energy levels to plummet drastically and now reached a low point. It affects my mood and emotional states. I get more frustrated easily. I get more annoyed easily. But these days, I practice holding back the actions that I tend to take when feeling emotion, take a deep breath, and I will verbalize how I feel if necessary.

Either way, I am catching myself losing interest in my work and quality is falling. It’s getting pretty obvious in terms of the codes I write. They are start to look more shabby.

No one is going to fix that situation. It’s my own body. I have to fix it myself. So I have to find a way to recover from this situation, working within the 24 hours period that everyone has.

Other than that, I also decided that I shall spend less time in front of a screen and more time in front of books.

So after I had my lunch, I went to the Kinokuniya store near my workplace to get some books. After walking around the store, I decided to get two books. One of which has been planned for quite some time. I suppose you can guess which is it.

One is called Megatech: Technology in 2050.

The other was Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

There is something I like to note. I took the two pictures in the dark using my iPhone 7 Plus. I wanted to see how do I get ambient lighting from a piece of paper and the LED light from my iPhone. Somehow the images turned out to be pretty blurry. Maybe I didn’t focus right but I thought it’s a good try.

I know I still got one book that I hadn’t finish reading. It was the Jony Ive biography that I got previously. I didn’t get around to finish it because I only read it when I’m on the way home on the train. There are days when I’m just so tired and aching badly that I didn’t want to read. I simply didn’t have the mood or desire.

Anyway, last night I didn’t get to sleep early. I don’t think today I can either. Look at the time now. It’s already 11 pm and I have yet brush my teeth. It’s my fault for spending too much time watching tv shows instead of resting early. Maybe tomorrow I shall try going into office much later by sleeping in.

Ok, that’s all for now.