Journal #222 – Start of software testing week, slightly productive

Today mark the start of internal testing week for the application that my team have been working on for the past five months and a half. For me, I only have been working on it for the past two months and a half.

Although I mentioned it being a testing week, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t test the application as we build it. The initial testings that we do as we develop were more about ensuring whatever function or capability we build is working as intended but wasn’t that formal. Now, this testing period is more formal where we actually have a proper document to note down the test cases and the result of those tests. Subsequently, we will transfer that to a proper document for the company’s quality assurance department to keep. The current intention is to identify further bugs with the implemented features before we proceed to UAT that is coming pretty soon.

We also had a brief meeting where we agree to stop implementing new features and the code base is now locked down. The only changes to the code are for bug fixes.

So within a short span of time, I created 29 test cases for the module that I was working and tested all of them. All green checks for now. I will continue them tomorrow.

Other than the testing, I also went about to clear two e-quizzes for an e-learning module that all new employees must take. So three down, four more to go. Heh.

The other thing that I did was to prepare the timesheet, filling in the hours that I spend on projects. Well, since I’m hired to do one project only, my timesheet only got that project. Once I’m done, I submitted it.

I spent the remaining hours chatting with my colleagues and at 6pm, I left office. After leaving, I made my way to Guardian to get a bottle of probiotic. After that, I made my way home, had a shower, watched Star Trek Discovery, and have dinner. I spent the remaining time just watching other shows and simply chilling.

Ok, that’s all for today.