Journal #223 – Temporary lull at work, dealing with some emotion destabilization

The progress at work so far has been good.

Early in the morning, I went for a course about Economic Value Added (EVA) conducted by the company’s Operations Director that last for an hour. After that, we went back to office and got down to work.

At around 11am, I went about finishing one more e-learning module for new employee. And at 12pm, I left for lunch.

Today I decided to have my lunch at Green Dot. After I got there, standing by the entrance waiting, the staff approached me and told me my table number was 1.

So I went in and ordered my food. After making payment and collecting my food, I made my way to the table only to find one old lady sitting there. I actually got a little irritated. Earlier before entering the cafe, I actually took note of her and her husband because they went in without waiting to be served by the waiter. Heh, if I choose to apply my environmental observation skills, I’m pretty aware of who is doing what. At first, I assumed they were intending to pack their food to go. And so when I see her sitting at my assigned desk, several thoughts went by but I kept quiet. Instead, I sat at the table beside it, table 2. Luckily, the cafe was pretty empty and so I could just take any empty seat. If it wasn’t that empty and I find myself without seat despite being assigned one by the staff, I probably would make a big fuss about it.

Anyway, it’s a common thing in Singapore. I’m not sure about other country. The older generation tends to have this “I have the right of way all the time” mindset. Anyway, I suspect also it’s due to the commonness of hawker centers and food courts in Singapore. The food served there are cheap and that these places operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. So these people will assume they could just walk into certain kind of cafe or restaurants without waiting to be served or at least “managed” by the staff. And if you do make a big fuss out of it, they will say you are being disrespectful, or something along the line, “there’s so many empty seats.”

For me, it’s not about empty seats or alternatives. It’s about the principle of allowing people who have patiently waited for their turn to be given the equal chance at consuming something. In case you are wondering, it’s actually related to my stability value. When something or someone decide to go against a certain norm, it upsets the stability of the system.

Just imagine.

What if the cafe is almost packed? The people who want to dine in are actually allowed in and are already assigned seats. They felt safe to go about buying their food and not worry about their seats. Then when they return, their seats is taken by someone who wasn’t assigned one and there are no more seats available. So what’s the person going to do? Eat while standing? Hold on to their food while waiting to be assigned another empty table?

If that happen to you, how would you feel? Your emotional state will be unstabilized. I know mine will definitely be in that state.

This is something actually covered under Game Theory. If I’m not wrong, it goes something along the line of, “as long as you don’t deprive another person of any chance of acquiring something that they want, you can cheat the system.”

Anyway, since I did get what I want at the end, I decided to let it go and focus on eating my lunch.

After lunch, I went to buy tickets for this Thursday for the movie Justice League. Once I’m done, I went to get some snack for the afternoon and went back to office.

So once back to office, I went about finishing my primary task of testing out the modules that I developed with formalized test cases. The test cases are all successful. I also went and finish another module in the e-learning course.

Other than that, I also spent the time on researching about changing my name legally in Singapore. I also went about to submit a deed poll request through the lawyer and scheduled an appointment by the end of the week to sign the document. I also went ahead to apply for a paid day off via my company staff portal. It’s now pending approval by the manager.

Well, the purpose for that day off is for me to sign the deed poll and pay a visit to the Immigration and Checkpoint Agency to change my identification documents. I do hope everything could be done in a relatively smooth and fast way so that I can take advantage of a slightly longer weekend.

Other than that, I was actually pretty chill throughout most of the day while my colleagues are working away trying to finish fixing up bugs in their respective modules and other infrastructure-related stuff.

One last thing, I also published my first article on Medium. It is part of my intention to expose myself further on more platforms. Only through exposing myself everywhere, I can being one step closer of being a full-time writer.