Journal #229 – Did my best

This morning was no different from yesterday. I woke up feeling like shit, extremely sluggish. But I still did my best to have my breakfast and have a longer than usual shower. I just didn’t feel like moving any faster or with more energy.

Personally, I enjoy the feeling of lukewarm water running down while I just stand there. To me, it’s the best feeling in the world. The other was just lying in bed with a room temperature of about 25 degree celsius and reading a book.

Ok, I was digressing, going back to topic.

So I reached office and continue to feel like crap and that feeling was mostly gone after I finished my Americano. I guess it’s my body craving for caffeine.

After lunch, my colleague and I went to the customer site to do some deployment work. While my colleague was busy setting up NGINX, I got down to redoing the databases. However, it turned out there was something wrong with the setup and that the data files were corrupted due to improper clustering setup.

However as I have zero experience in setting up failover and clusters, I wasn’t sure what I should be doing and so I consulted my other colleague who was part of the infrastructure team. He too didn’t quite know how to setup the clustering and so we hacked our way through. I guessed we made it worse. The data volumes on both servers were gone. Only the C drives remained.

This demonstrate the importance of something that my previous company had. An internal lab where the employees go about trying stuff like setting up of servers, applications, development work, etc., before they even graduate to work on the customer system. It takes investment on the company part because they would need to get the necessary hardware and software to even allow its employees to try things out. Another thing that was equally important back then was lab journals where we document down what we do.

Now as I work in a bigger corporation where roles are more specialized and considering that the company has a specialized infrastructure team, I didn’t see the need to invest to learn more stuff related to setting up and configuration. Therefore, my focus was on developing the application, how to ensure ease of patching the application, setup the database, input seed data. Of course, I do know how to setup a single instance of Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL, setup my IDE, install programs, etc., but not anything deeper at the operating system level.

I suppose it’s my fault for not knowing more but at least I tried my best, learned some new stuff despite messing up. And I will be honest too; my anxiety level actually shot up high. But luckily got my colleagues there, my nerves were much easier to calm. At the end of the day, we still need someone expert at clustering to do clustering. Tomorrow we shall see how.

I will go back there again to put the database data file into the C Drive first so that we can proceed with the rest of the deployment and testing.

Other than that, I went home feeling pretty alright actually because I know I did my best given my ability. I’m pretty sure the past me will get so upset and anxious about me destroying the cluster.