Journal #236 – Development, both software and personal

Work today was like consisting of meetings and some development work.

The meetings were all about status update of the project and determine the next series of tasks to do in the near future.

Then in the afternoon, it was all about bug fixing, standardizing stuff like the dialog boxes, and adding logs.

Other than that, I also told my team lead that I will be going for a two day course in technical writing in December. He’s ok with it. So I will sign up for it and taking two days of paid leave to go for the course.

As I did mention many times that I wanted to switch career from software development into writing-related and going for this course is part of that. Consider it as investing in myself, to develop my skillset further.

Yesterday, I said I will get the AIR+ Smart Mask and so I did after work.

The smart mask comes in two parts for effective use. The first is the mask itself, that is certified to be N95.

The second part is the micro ventilator meant to help expel trapped heat, moisture, carbon dioxide.

I have yet to try them out and now I’m charging the ventilator. On a full charge, the ventilator can last two hours or so.

I will try the mask out tomorrow and see how well it filter out cigarette smoke that I encounter ever so often in Singapore.