Journal #237 – Out of inspiration, I think

You read that right.

I ran out of inspirations and ideas.

I don’t know what else to write that doesn’t sound boring. I know I could fall back to just documenting, which is what I have been doing.

Why did I keep going back to that? Because my day was I would call uninteresting.

And what did I do today? I will document from the most recent to the earliest. Personally, I don’t think I was being productive. You be the judge of that.

I wrote a review about something I bought and published it just a couple of minutes ago.

Before that?

I watched Supergirl and Arrow because it is a four-part crossover. And I have never watched supergirl so I don’t know what’s happening before today.

And before that?

I went out for dinner with my mom after I got home and had a shower. As usual, I ate at a nearby foodcourt, having a vegetarian meal. There’s really nothing super nice, is suitable for a pescatarian, and filling. I really didn’t want to feel hunger later at night. And as I write this line, I’m actually feeling hungry. Damn.

Anyway, what’s before that? I was at work? I did some more coding to standardize the dialogs used, add more logging. I did join my colleagues for lunch, one of the rarer things this particular month because I have been eating by myself at Green Dot and Simply Wrapps for the past few months.

And now we are approaching what I did for the earlier part of the day.

I was in a three-hour course conducted by internal people covering about things like risk management, security, export control, and procurement procedures. Everyone at my company needs to know those. I would say those topics are dry but necessary to ensure that we don’t get ourselves into trouble with the law and the company. My personal safety and stability is dependent on that.

And do you want to know what’s before that? I suppose I will just write it down cause I’m documenting in a reverse order.

Ate first breakfast, showered, left home, commuted, got Starbucks and a sandwich, and arrived at office. Then I eat my sandwich.

So did I ran out of inspiration? Yeah… I think I did. But did I write anything? I sure did. You see, I started out with not really sure what to write and now the words just keep pouring out.

The power of simply starting. Or be the 5 minutes writer like someone smarter, more successful, and more hardworking than me said.

And what’s next.

Well, until now I still hadn’t gotten around to signup for the technical writing course.


Because the course required me to fill in some very personal and sensitive information and yet doesn’t use HTTPS.

I mean seriously?

With all the data breaches and stuff in the recent years…what’s the school thinking?