Journal #239 – Good day or bad day?

I don’t know if today was a good day or a bad day, having trouble writing this journal, stumbling and rewriting the introduction over and over again.

At first I wanted to make this update into a rap but the words just won’t come out. At least I tried. I mean I got rap music going on as I write this journal.

Me: “Come on brain. Damn you brain. Help me out.”

Brain: “Just write, just write!”

Me: “Ok! I write!”

I shall go with today was a good day.

Discoveries made the unknown known, creating ways for me to move forward with my work.

ClickOnce deployment was work, patching of application through ClickOnce work, custom installation path of ClickOnce don’t work.

I feel proud. Pat myself on the back.

Bugs were fixed. The UI was made consistent after reviewing the changes.

Spent the afternoon to implement a hybrid paginated, lazy-loaded list. Team leader expected me to do a quick one but I end up putting extra effort to create something more useful and is slightly more robust to handle user interaction. Definitely slightly more than the possible implementation my team leader suggested. I threw in multi-threading, thread cancellation, synchronizing changes made to the collection used for the list.

By the time I’m done, it was time to package the code for deployment tomorrow. We got a performance test at the customer site to see how our application handle tens of thousands of records.

Part of me expect failure. Expect the application to explode in a massive supernova loading that amount of data.


We were and still are practically rushing through the implementations just so to meet a timeline that now appear to be shifting again. The UAT date doesn’t look like to be next month anymore.

So that lead me to the question: “Did my company just forced me to defer my military reservist by three months just to finish primary development before November so that we can do UAT in December only for the UAT to be pushed to January 2018, considering I will only be gone for two weeks back in October and could have easily finished my part before January after I come back to work, and now I have to go back reservist by myself for two weeks next year in January?”

So I’m not happy at all. Pissed in fact.

But I also understand that nobody can foresee such kind of changes. Yet this decision by the company actually has a more drastic effect on my future reservists, who I am with, when I get to finish my reservist, and has a future effect on my plans when I’m in my late thirties, early forties, etc.

So now, it’s not a good day at all but there is nothing I can do about it, so I will just live with it.