Journal #242 – Haircut Sunday

Slept at around 4am after having too much coffee last night and woke up at around 9.30 am feeling very hungry.

Throughout the night there were moments when I actually heard my stomach growling from hunger and got pretty gassy. But I just chose to sleep through it all.

After I woke up, I went for a cup of water. Upon drinking it, my stomach actually hurt. I suppose it’s because of the pre-existing ass and stomach discomfort caused by the hunger. Then I went about preparing some instant oatmeals to eat and just decided to laze around in bed.

I took the chance to play Sky Force: Reloaded on my phone, collecting as much stars as I could so that I can upgrade my plane to make my life easier in the game. So far, I actually enjoying playing it though I didn’t go as far as buying stuff. Don’t see the need to spend money.

After that, I went out with my parents again to have breakfast.

But today’s main thing was that I got a haircut after three months. I had to time it just right because I got reservist next month and didn’t want to cut my hair twice within a three month period. I waited that long because I do like to show some “f#*& you” attitude. When my hair get long, they make my head look very fat due to the volume. Kind of like a massive mop.

When I was at the salon, the hairdresser was surprised and asked, “how long have you not cut your hair.”

I told her three months and she said she’s can’t believe I can tolerate that sheer volume of hair.

I just smile, told her how I want my hair cut, and let her do her thing. She also asked me how was it like to use the Apple AirPods and how much it cost. She saw me listening to it earlier. We talked about it for a while and said there are cheaper alternatives for bluetooth earphones.

Generally, I won’t outright advise people to get Apple products when there are cheaper alternatives. But if they do want Apple product, I won’t stop them. It’s their money after all and they can decide for themselves what they want or need.

After the haircut, I went to get a waffle from the bread store with red bean paste and a veggie patty sub for my lunch before going home.

Personally, I have no issue with the veggie patty sub but some of my friends do. They say it taste like shit. For me, I do need the protein.

Had a shower, washed my hair thoroughly and just sit back and relax. I went to watch some television show while having my lunch.

Now that I’m done with my lunch and television shows, time for me to go for a run. I don’t want to run in the evening because of the sheer amount of cars and smokers plying the streets.

Finish a run of 4.2 km and I walked the rest of the way home to make up the rest of the distance.

Once home, had a quick shower, and started watching Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix. Surprisingly, I found myself really enjoying the show. I guess it’s because of its dark nature, the gore, and more importantly for me is how does someone so different try to live their lives and blend in.

For the rest of the night, I suppose I will try to write the at least one chapter of my new book.

That’s all for now.