Journal #252 – Just exhausted

I didn’t feel like writing anything today. As I wrote that sentence, I felt like just switching off my computer, brush my teeth, and go to bed. But I shall compel myself to write something. At least a quick summary of what happened.

The quick version is: I’m exhausted.

Ok, I’m done.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Here’s a slightly longer documentation of my life.

There are many reasons for me being exhausted. You can call them excuses because I will most probably agree with you.

The first reason was that I didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning because I didn’t have enough sleep and that is despite the fact I went to bed last night at around 10pm. I was tossing and turning in bed until about maybe 12am.

The other was I spent roughly 45 minutes more today at work writing codes and implementing a feature. By the time I left my office and boarded the train, it was already 7pm and my mind was in complete daze. I couldn’t be bothered to think about anything. I didn’t even want to make any decisions. Even my attempts at playing Sky Force on my phone ended with my plane being blown up within a minute. I tried a few more times and kept getting blown up because I just couldn’t concentrate. But it’s just a game, so I didn’t give a shit. Once I reached my station, I stopped and made my way home.

Once I reached home, read an article on Facebook and went for a shower. Then I just lazed around, reading articles online, watched some YouTube video around until dinner. Had two plates of home-made spaghetti and went to watch one episode of Dark on Netflix.

After I’m done with that episode, I got down to write this journal. And here I am, yawning away.

Alright, I shall listen to my body and just end it here. The weather is pretty good today for sleeping. It’s so cooling.