Journal #257

I am switching up the way I title my journal by not giving them proper titles. I feel that for a personal life journal, there is really no need to title each entry. It’s the act of documenting by date that is important.

And I’m out of ideas for titles.


I don’t recall falling ill every couple of days. The only major event in my life leading up to this falling ill was my switch to a pescatarian diet a couple of months back.

Previously, I had the on-off stuffed nose and sneezing. Today, I down with an inflamed throat, stuffy nose and general discomfort. My face also start to suffer from a minor acne outbreak. The throat issue started yesterday afternoon, when I started feeling some dull pain in my lower jaw and that was after my breakfast.

So I am self-medicating with off-the-counter anti-inflammation and decongestant pills today, not wanting to see the doctor. Not yet anyway because it can cost quite a fair amount to see a doctor in private practice in Singapore. The government-subsidized polyclinic don’t open on a Sunday. If the situation do get worse tomorrow, I will see the doctor.


I am considering is to switch back to a full omnivorous diet progressively to see if it helps with my situation.

I have to note something too. As part of my diet, I have been consuming quite a lot of fried stuff like fried mock meat, deep fried beancurd skin, etc. I am not sure if those contributed to my deteriorating health. Maybe I should reduce eating those first and see how it helps

What I plan for the rest of the day

As I’m not feeling that well, I won’t be doing anything heavy like going for a run for now. I will see how it goes later at night. Beside at this hour of the day (5.30pm), the amount of pollutants in the air is high and I don’t want to further irritate my throat and sinuses.

What I will do is to get down to writing a short story. I will also go on a quick trip to the pharmacy at the mall to get some probiotics as I have ran out of those several days ago.