Journal #258

Today is the first day of my technical writing course at the NTU College of Professional and Continuing Education.

I got to know some new people who turns out are from my company, just a different business unit. We chatted for a bit and found out that there are people who share the same view as me when it comes to product development but that’s not the focus of this journal.

What did I learn

We got down to the basics of how to write. We start with the systematic approach to writing. The first step is the planning stage, where we begin by identifying the purpose of the writing, do the research, and start organizing the content. One example of organizing is outlining.

The next step was doing the actual draft. During this stage, you are not supposed to do any editing because drafting is an act of creation and it’s the right brain doing its job. Once you start editing, that’s when the left brain will take over, slowing you down drastically. I personally can attest to that. Thinking actually slows down the creating process.

The final step is the revising step and that’s when you do the actual editing of your draft. First start off with the macro stuff like deletion of redundant text, paragraphing and sectioning with headers. Then move to the micro stuff like editing for grammar, spelling, etc. If necessary, you may need to rewrite.

As saying goes, “Any good writing is rewriting.”

We also covered stuff like how to rephrase sentences for conciseness, clarity, taking care of negative tones, knowing when to apply passive voices, verbs, some grammar stuff, and nominalization

Below is an exercise we did on identifying nominalization and reverting them back to verbs.

And yes, my actual handwriting sucks because my brain is actually faster than my hands and I’m impatient.

How I feel

I’m feeling pretty good and I’m excited about going back to school again. I do enjoy on a certain level studying. I find it to be a nice break from the real world of working and be a student. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Being Grateful

I’m grateful for the chance to even study about writing using the money I earned.