Journal #260

I almost couldn’t get out of bed this morning because I didn’t want to go to work. I was feeling a little depressed but the rational mind knows that if I want to continue to fund my further training in writing, I have to keep working.

I met up with my colleagues at the customer’s building in the morning to do some work.

What was achieved?

My colleague and I handled the deployment and configuration of the application to use HTTPS for the web service calls. I got the latest client executable, updated the configuration for the client to use Kerberos over HTTPS, and deployed it. My colleague was there to update the server-side application for that purpose too.

Once it was all done, we tested logging into the application. Then we played around with the application further to ensure all the APIs were working fine. Along the way, we found some problems caused by mis-configuration and fixed them.

A few more rounds of testing pretty much confirmed Kerberos over HTTPS and web-service call over HTTPS work.

Major problems faced

As we tested the application further, we found several problems.

First problem was the sudden disappearance of the RabbitMQ instances and my colleague had to reinstall and configure them again.

Second problem was the bugs found as we test the application. Some of the bugs were caused by hard-coded stuff, improper handling of arrays, and some were caused by insufficient exception handling. There were also some UI issues, which given the situation, wasn’t that critical.

My team lead and I weren’t exactly happy with the state of the application. We notified our colleague, who is back in office, about the bugs found and requested those be fixed ASAP.

Third problem was the corruption of the databases belonging to another sub-system. It was most likely caused by improper shutdown of the SQL server. With the database corruption, the application cannot function because it relies on that sub-system for its primary use case.

We tried to recover the databases but the existing .mdf files were beyond recoverable. We found a bunch of backup files for the databases but were from November 1st. Since we didn’t really have any other choice, we went ahead to restore the databases with those files.

With the database recovered, we tested the application further and found another major problem with one of the functions related to video playing. That is something I will have to look into further tomorrow.

How I feel today

I feel even more determine to move myself away from programming and software development after the course I went through. I want to develop my writing skills further.

At the same time, I actually feel dissatisfied with my job because of the way things are being done. And I don’t believe I will find another software company in Singapore that actually follows the processes they put in place. A big part of the dissatisfaction comes from my desire to follow a design-driven development process that include preparation of the necessary documentation first before coding. The other part stems from the fact we are releasing a poorly implemented but functional application that doesn’t speak quality at all. And I can’t unsee it nor let it go.

Being Grateful

I’m grateful that I have decent colleagues.