Journal #263

I was so tired that I slept until nearly 10am today.

What Happened

Other than waking up slightly later than usual, I didn’t do anything productive. I spent my time watching some shows on Netflix. One particular show that I decided to watch was The Indian Detective for about three or four episodes, followed by a horror movie called Temple. In between, there was a mixed of watching some YouTube videos.

After the shows, I decided to go for a run but I didn’t go far. First of all, earlier this week, I was pretty sick and now I’m still dealing with its after-effect. So that affected my breathing quite a little. Running through the streets with smokers (yes, again. Even I rolled my own eyes writing about this) caused me to suffer overall discomfort of my throat and nose, making it harder for me to breathe. So I stopped running.

After the run, I showered, read some articles online and go out with my family for dinner at Jurong East. We had western food. I ordered a Salmon pizza with Tuna Salad. Then I went to get a cup of iced Americano from Starbucks and joined my family walking around IMM.

At around 1030pm, we made our way home and that was it.

How I feel

Though, I’m struggling to narrow my feelings down today, I do know I’m feeling a little depressive for no particular reason. I also kept to myself for most of the day, focusing on my thoughts. You can call it being stuck in my own head.

It’s precisely because of this depressive state, it took a longer amount of time before I actually got down to writing.

What the plan?

Since it’s already almost midnight as I’m still writing this and have too much coffee (I don’t mind), I will watch a movie and write some more stuff.

Being Grateful

I’m grateful for my family and every occasion that we are together.