Journal #264

Today is Christmas Eve and supposed to be a day of relaxation.

First of all, let me wish my readers an early Merry Christmas.

What Happened

Nothing major happened today. Spent some time watching a few episode of a local comedy show call Happy Can Already Season 3 with my mom on Toggle App via Apple TV after breakfast.

Then at around noon, I took a nap until about 2.30pm before taking a shower and heading out for lunch at a nearby mall. On the bus to the mall, I saw my friend and we chatted a bit. Turns out he also got the 256GB iPhone X. We arrived at the mall, which is also home to the bus interchange, we parted way. After lunch, I made my way home and spent some time watching Flatliner on iTunes.

At night, I had my dinner and watched the following set of videos by ThinMatrix, an indie game developer, which summarize up his development on the game call Equilinox, a nature simulation game.

How I feel

I’m feeling bored as I don’t really have anything planned. It was decided to be a really simple day so that I can rest mentally, only for that to be counterproductive.

What is the plan

That is why I shall be spending the rest of today reading Steve Job’s biography and do some writing.

Another thing that I plan to do is to identify an audience for my novel. I decided it to be one person. This person is male, young adult, graduated from a university who has some spare time as he searches for a job. More detail will be clearer overtime and I hope this will help me write better.


I am grateful for being alive today.