Journal #265

Merry Christmas to everyone and today I got to spend a vast majority of my time outside of my house. This was necessary for my mental well-being. Staying at home for the whole day was just bad overall and detrimental to my inspirations and content creation.

What happened

I had a quick shower and had Subway for breakfast before meeting up with my friend at Jurong Point to catch Star Wars: The Last Jedi at 10.40am. I won’t say the movie was particularly interesting for me and the length of it made it a drag to watch through.

After the movie, we went to the Legendary Hong Kong restaurant as usual. I ordered Red Bean Ice for my drink.

Then Seafood Fried Rice with XO Sauce as my main meal.

I also ordered a rice noodle roll with Shrimps in soy sauce but I didn’t take any picture of that.

It’s not the best Hong-Kong style food that I have eaten. It’s just familiar.

After that, we walked around the mall before I left to meet another friend to go to the Prudential Carnival in downtown Singapore.

Turns out, I wasn’t really into carnivals because I just don’t like rides. So we just watched people screaming their lungs off on those rides and left early. We decided to go to another carnival also by Prudential and came upon the Red Dot Design Museum along the way.

That caught my attention and I wanted to go in instead. We got the tickets and went in. I found myself attracted by the various designs and ideas people have about urban living, user experience, and daily appliances.

Here are some random photos that I took to show you what I am talking about. Some of the photos are not really in focus because they were taken quickly. I just wanted to capture the ideas.

After we are done, we went to have some drinks at the cafe within the museum to use up the coupons that we got alongside the museum ticket. I ordered an iced Mocha, which turned out to be pretty good while my friend ordered bottled water.

Then we went to Esplanade and have dinner there. My friend suggested eating at Supply and Demand because of the Truffle Fries, which he said was very good.

I ordered a bottle of Erdinger Weissbier, which got poured into a Weizen glass

It went along with grilled fish of the day with two sides prepared in accordance to the chef’s wishes.

And the main highlight of the day are the Truffle fries, given the emphasis my friend put on it.

Spreading throughout the day was my activity of playing Sky Force: Reloaded on my iPhone, chatting with my friend, and looking for jobs.

How I feel

Throughout the day, there were various feelings depending on what I read, experienced or seen. My primary operating mode revolves around my feelings and my outputs are based on how I channel my feelings.

The commentary: Of course we don’t read poetry. We’re Singaporean published on Channel NewsAsia got me pretty upset at the state of art in Singapore though I know there are good Singaporean artists out there.

Going through the exhibits at the design museum got me to think about the state of design in Singapore. It was another thing that got me feeling despondent. Despite Singaporean children going through Design and Technology in school, almost no one end up becoming an industrial designer like Jonathan Ive or James Dyson.

The above two feelings are related to how I see the economy of the future is going to be primarily all about creation and producing original or innovative stuff with your skills backed up by great service and I’m not sure if Singapore is ready given the current state of affairs.

As I was going home, I also don’t feel like going to work tomorrow. And feeling a deep sense of trepidation regarding my upcoming reservist training, which is in a week’s time.

Other than the above stuff, I’m feeling good. It’s definitely better than yesterday since I’m not coop up at home, got to see stuff, and eat nice food (not the healthiest).

What am I watching now

I’m enjoying music by Madeon, a French DJ and music producer. I’m watching an old video of him performing live as I’m writing this journal.

I have grown to enjoy his music a lot and the tendency to put them on loop.

Being grateful

I’m grateful for friends that chose to hang out with me.