Journal #266

Christmas went by and came Boxing Day. It is the start of the working week and is also the last week of the year.

What Happened

First half of the day was spent in office preparing an executable that can work in customer’s environment. The previous version couldn’t run at all and none of us know what why.

I tested the executable on two different machines a few times, found bugs, got my colleague to fix it, and repeat the cycle.

Then I went for lunch at Green Dot where I have vegetarian food.

The second half of the day was spent in the customer’s building, specifically their datacenter, where my team lead and I focused on deploying the application, and testing it. We also tried different configurations to ensure it works all the time.

By 5.30pm, we were asked to pack up and leave. So we did and I made my way north to Orchard. It was because I’m meeting my friends for dinner.

Earlier today, my friend came across Tanuki Raw, a Japanese restaurant, and suggested we go eat it. I said ok and before I know it, it was set for today.

Since I finished work early and was pretty near Orchard Road, I arrived first. When I got there, I spent some time walking around some of the malls, just strolling and listening to music. It was to kill time.

When the first friend finally arrived, we made our way to Don Don Donki where he looked for roasted nuts and some snacks to buy. The other friend arrived about fifteen minutes later. We made our way to the restaurant and started queueing and it took up to 45 minutes before there was table for us.

I was already starving by then and luckily for me, I still had one last rolled-up pancake with red bean paste packed in my backpack. I had gotten it earlier, after lunch, to serve as my afternoon tea break. It was to prevent my stomach from eroding itself away by its own acid. While working, I had already eaten two of the three.

Once we sat down, we browsed through the menu and ordered the food we wanted to eat. It took about 15 minutes before the first item arrived on our desk. I thought it’s pretty fast considering the restaurant was packed full of people.

That first item was the Golden Kani Maki. Basically, it’s sushi with seaweed, soft shell crab, and covered in salted-egg sauce. For the price of S$18.90, it was actually pretty good and definitely worthwile.

We ordered the same main meal, Kaisen Chirashi Don because it was the most worthwhile at $24.90.

For drinks, I went with a pint of Sharkinator, which is beer a slight hint of citrus. I like the taste and think the price is reasonable at S$12.

I ordered the drink because I wanted something to drink to relax and for my friends, it’s about ordering the Fresh Oysters which cost $12. The restaurant’s policy was that you have to order an alcoholic drink before you can order 6 oysters.

I won’t say the oyster taste that fresh or good. There’s a heavy hint of fishy-taste.

We also ordered the Truffle Sweet Potato fries, which tasted pretty good for S$10.90.

After the dinner, we left for home. One of my friend took the north-bound train while the other and I took the west-bound train.

How I feel

I felt detached and generally tired in the morning and that was even after drinking coffee. My eyes were heavy from the insufficient sleep.

As it got to the afternoon, I felt better and my mood was kind of lifted by the progress my team and I made at work. The application was working as intended and is almost ready for actual production use.

By the time I met up with my friend, I felt happy and has been that way for most of the night.

Along the way, we just had a chat about our work day.

What am I watching now

I was browsing for new music based on what I tend to watched and found the music video for the song call Crazy Law by Kazaky.

I just love the beats and the bass.

Being Grateful

I’m grateful for my friends.