Journal #268

Time flies when it’s holiday period and before I know it, it’s already Thursday. Tomorrow will mark the last workday of 2017.

What happened

The whole day was spent in office. In the morning, I focused on fixing bugs, improving usability, and doing some knowledge transfer about certain things that I have done for the project. (e.g., ClickOnce Deployment, design patterns and how I structured my codes).

I joined my colleagues for lunch and we talked about product development and what’s the “right” way. Turns out, I was right all along when it comes to the process of developing a true product.

After lunch, I also spent some time chatting with my team lead about what’s the plan going forward, what needs to be done, etc.

Later in the day, I applied what I know about UX writing to the administration module. My first few attempts resulted in some weirdly written text and description because of my incorrect use of English language.

So you see, even when I have been writing non-stop for several months now, coming to a year, I still write poorly when it comes to other kind of writings. I suspect it’s because I’m writing in a very instructional and explanatory way. This way of writing is just not natural for me because I don’t speak or think that way.

But it’s a good practice and I got feedback from my team lead, which I used to improve the writing further.

I left office just a few minutes after 6pm because I had to review again what I have done. I actually checked codes into source control several times because I wasn’t careful enough with what I wrote for some of the labels.

Once I boarded the train, I took out Steve Jobs’ biography to read until I reached my station. I know I am slow when it comes to reading.

[Spoiler Alert ]

I’m only at the part where the book talks about the beginning of Macintosh.

[End Spoiler Alert ]

Once I got home, I had home-cooked fish-ball noodles for dinner and I spent some time watching Ghost Wars.


Reading Steve Jobs’ biography made me realize certain aspects of my personality is similar to him but less extreme. I know I am not him and I don’t want to be him.

There’s just some attributes that I deeply admire, respect, would like to develop and emulate. I want to emulate his attention to details and design-centric thinking. I also respect his strong desire for the best and only the best. I also like his renegade style.

But I want to have a better control over my emotions and not do random outburst like him. It’s just obnoxious and bad.

How I feel

I feel great today because I got to demonstrate my skills in product design and thinking. I also got to improve on my writing skills.

What have I achieved or learnt

After evaluating my UX writing today, I realize that what I was doing is the same as any other writing: drafting then rewriting. The first version of the labels, descriptions, etc., are the drafts. Then you step away and re-evaluate what you wrote and if necessary seek feedback. Then rewrite. That’s how the writing became better.

I also figured out how to get the WPF TreeView to re-select an item with the use of string-based paths and it actually helped to reduce the amount of codes I need to write to select an item after the tree has been refreshed.

Being grateful

I’m grateful that I got the chance to demonstrate my skill in product design thinking.