Journal #269

In approximately thirty minutes, it will be 12:00am and will mark the end of the last work day of 2017. In two more days, 2017 will be over and we will usher in 2018.

I can’t say I look forward to it because my start of 2018 will be spent in a military camp and then back to work 14 days later.

What happened

My morning at work was spent on teaching one of my colleague about how to publish the web application for deployment on IIS. I also shared a bit on how I approach to writing my codes, the style, and design patterns I used.

Then as it approached lunch time, I went to try out some authentication stuff as part of doing the discovery work on how to allow support for different way of authentication to the same endpoint.

The company had a new year lunch which I didn’t join. Instead I went out to eat at Green Dot because I never quite like eating buffet food.

After I came back, I went to dig through the codes written by my colleague for the server side and start to discover more inconsistency and weird use of class instances. I raised the issue up to my team lead who said we will need to discuss further on how to improve.

I also got an inspiration for a product that I could build while at work and is still thinking about what the product will need. I probably should write down all the core features that it should have. My brain could only store so much information.

Later in the evening I went to meet up with my friend for dinner at Herbivore, a Japanese vegetarian restaurant located at Fortune Center near Bugis.

The atmosphere of the place is good and it is like any other Japanese restaurant. It feels familiar.

The first item that arrived was tofu with soy sauce, seaweed, and ginger.

I ordered it for my own consumption because I just love tofu.

The other item that arrived was the unagi maki roll.

This item is shared between my friend. I got to say that it taste pretty close to the actual thing and is very good.

Finally came my own main meal, which is the teriyaki chicken (mock meat) don.

After eating all the above, I could barely get up and move. I was so bloated but I’m definitely happy with what I ate.

That is what I call quality.

After dinner, my friend and I went for a walk around Bugis street before I decided to go to the bookstore.

I went to buy three self-enrichment books as part of my desire to improve myself and change my mindset. As a study have shown what you read affects how your mind work. Even if I didn’t apply some of the things I will read about in these books, the act of reading will upgrade my mind, expand my knowledge, and give me more ideas.

The first book is The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and I have always wanted to read this book to see how I can make my work life more efficient with more productivity and allow me to focus on the more important things.

The second book is Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I bought this book simply because it’s Simon Sinek.

The last book is The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. I mentioned in my past journals about applying the 5 second rule to whatever thing that you want to do. This is how you can put an end to procrastination.

How I feel

I feel great. Work is what I consider useful and productive. I got to meet up with a friend, have a great dinner, and went home with a bunch of books that I wanted to get for a long time.

What am I watching now

Live performance of Youth, a song by Troye Sivan.

Being grateful

I’m grateful that I got a decent job that pays me just enough for me to build a good life.