Journal #270

Saturday is coming to an end and that bring us closer to the end of 2017.

What happened

I went to bed after 2am and only slept about 6 hours before my mom woke me up and asked if I want to join her and my dad to the wet market and hawker center several streets away from my house.

I groggily agreed. I got myself out of bed, had a cup of water, changed out of my PJ and joined them. On the bus, I was still feeling the effects of not enough sleep. Instead I chose to focus on playing some games on my phone.

Once we got to the hawker center, we looked for a seat. I ordered some vegetarian food while my parents ate something Yong Tau Foo.

After breakfast, we went to the wet market to get some prawns and fish before making our way home. Along the way, My mom and I found ourselves swarmed by cigarette smoke because there were many senior citizens.

Once we got home, we made ourselves each a cup of instant coffee from the coffee maker. I made an especially big cup because I wanted to try and do some writing.

I came across a Facebook post made by my friend about Apple’s battery issue and wanted to comment. One paragraph of comment became five and then I decided against it. I cut to the chase and commented with just one paragraph.

That comment served as an inspiration to me that I should write an article about my thoughts on the whole issue. So I saved the comments I wrote for future reference and went to watch Travelers season 2 on Netflix. I finished the season 1 previously and I enjoyed the show. In part because it was as science fiction and deals with time travel.

It was around early afternoon when I went to brush my teeth. I continued watching some more episodes and tried to get myself to write concurrently. But I was too tired to think of anything and feeling hungry too. So I made myself some instant oatmeal and have a yoghurt drink before deciding to stop watching the show. I got my MacBook off the desk and went to my bed and see if I could do anything.

On the bed, after making myself comfortable, I started writing something for my novel. Even though I wrote only a few paragraphs and did some re-writing, I shall take the win. At least I wrote something. By now, I was already dozing off and so I decided to put my laptop aside and got down to napping.

I woke up around 6.30 pm feeling refresh. I had some water before telling my family I wanted to get some new business casual clothes to replace the existing ones that I have, which are ugly, old and stained. Some of which are too bulky.

So we went to the mall to have dinner at Thai Express. We ordered Fried Prawn Cake and Stir-fried cabbage with fish sauce to share amongst ourselves.

For my own main meal, I ordered pineapple seafood fried rice with an additional egg.

After the meal, we made our way to G2000. Initially, I wanted to get clothes in the same colors but I got persuaded by my parents and went with choosing different shades and design, all of which I’m fine. (Looks like I will find myself choosing what to wear again. It will be a waste of my time and energy. Brandon, you are pathetic for letting people influence you.)

After that, we went to Bossini where my mom, dad and sister got some clothes for themselves. I waited outside the store and played Sky Force: Reloaded on my phone.

Once my family was done paying for those clothes, we took the bus home and here I am writing the journal.

How I feel

I feel like crap today because of the lack of sleep. Even after napping, I still don’t feel particularly good.

What I plan next

I need to get back to the minimalism path as I know I have slipped when it comes to purchases. I wasn’t being as intentional as I should be.

Since I got some new clothes, I will discard old clothes that I no longer wear. It’s all part of minimizing the things I owned. And I already know what to get rid of. They are those plain colored polo t-shirts which I haven’t been wearing for like more than 90 days. So tomorrow I will spend some time clearing stuff out.

My junk drawer is also pilling up with old receipts that doesn’t seem to add any value any more. Originally, I wanted to build a receipt management application but then I lost interest. Another reason was because I couldn’t find a market for it. So I will get rid of those receipts too.

Being grateful

I’m grateful for my family.