Journal #271

In a few hours, 2017 will officially be over and we usher in a new year. However, I didn’t have any plans to go out today or to be part of any countdown.

Regardless, I want to wish all my readers a Happy New Year.

What happened

I woke up at around 9.30am today. After getting myself a cup of water, I sat down and started unwrapping the book, Start With Why, and added a plastic cover to it. I played some music from my iPad Pro while I went about reading the book.

I spent the next few hours switching between reading the book and playing Sky Force on both my phone and iPad Pro.

At around 2.30pm, I decided to go out and have lunch. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat at first but decided to settle for Hot Tomato where I had Fish and Chip, garlic bread and a cup of tea.

After that, I went to get some Chinese herbal tea and a box of instant coffee from StarBucks. I needed that coffee for my upcoming reservist session because the coffee in camp taste like crap. Crap coffee can pretty much ruin my day very easily.

Once I got home, I continued to read the book and play the game. I didn’t switch on my Mac until late in the afternoon when I decided I want to do some writing and watch some show, specifically, Travelers season 2.

After I’m done watching, had dinner, I got down to write this journal. Earlier in the day, I was inspired to write an article about what I have read and because I delayed doing it for so long, I no longer have anything to write. So you see, don’t put off doing something. I should have applied the 5 second rule and got myself started. So it’s my fault and kind of unforgivable.

What have I achieved or learnt.

Reading the book, Start with Why, set off several lightbulbs in my head. I finally understood myself even better.

I also understood the real reason why I became such an Apple fan. It’s all about wanting to belong somewhere, all about alignment of your values. My values and Apple’s values are in alignment.

Apple wants to change the world with great products that make people’s life better. I also believe in that. That’s also why I am doing software engineering. That’s why I’m going towards design and doing other forms of writing. I want to contribute to betterment of people’s life through something I enjoy doing.

Apple is also in a way, anti-majority and they think differently. I am like that too. I can be quite quirky at times. Some of my ideas are quite radical that challenges the norm, at least in Singapore’s context. So Apple’s product in a way is a kind of demonstrate that.

I also learnt the What and the How is not really sustainable without the Why. Without the Why, you have to start to manipulate people to achieve the What and How. Manipulation of people for short term gain is fine but long term wise, it will be increasingly cost prohibitive and you get less ROI. Two, without the Why, people will not be inspired to follow you or be loyal.

How I feel

I feel depressed.

The upcoming reservist hangs heavily over me and pretty much ruined my new year mood. On my side of Singapore, it has also been raining so heavily for the last two days, which affected my mood too.

Being grateful

I’m grateful for being alive.