Journal #272

Today, we welcome 2018 and say goodbye to 2017.

What Happened

The phone vibration at around 9am woke me up and I went to check it. It was from my friend who was asking to confirm if I want to eat breakfast before the movie. I agreed to it and asked to meet at 9.30 instead because I just woke up. I needed time to at least prepare myself.

So I took the bus at around 9.15 and went to the mall. Upon arriving, I bought the tickets first and waited for my friend to arrive.

When he arrived, we ate at Ya Kun Family Cafe. I had Mee Rebus and a cup of black coffee. My friend ate half-boiled eggs and toast.

After the breakfast, we went up to the cinema to watch Jumanji. The show itself is pretty funny and I had a good laugh. At least it help take my mind off. Once the movie is over, we went around the mall to look for a place to eat. The Hong Kong restaurant is packed full today. We ended up having our lunch at a Japanese restaurant.

I needed to get a pair of dress shoes and so we went Bata first. Even after I found the pair that I like, there was no one there to serve me (e.g. getting the right size). So instead of wasting time, I decided to go to BHG but couldn’t find any. That led us to Hush Puppies where I found a pair that I like. I asked the sales lady for a suitable size, tried it, and found it pretty comfortable. Paid for the shoes and left for the supermarket where I wanted to get some energy bars to snack on during my reservist.

With everything that I want to get in my hands, my friend and I parted way and went home.

I decided to write the journal early because later at night I need to be at a relative’s birthday party and I don’t know what time I will get home. Personally, I have no desire to be there. It’s a waste of my time and I am never really close to any of my relatives. But because my dad promised to go, we go. He just doesn’t like to break his promises or lose face.

How I feel

I still feel pretty depressed and tired in general. The tired part most likely stemmed from the depressive state. And I also feel unhealthy. I haven’t been eating healthily or doing any decent exercise.