Journal #273

Second day of the new year and everyone is back to either school or work.

Today’s journal will be a quick one because there are just stuff that I couldn’t share or want to share.

What happened

I woke up an hour earlier today so that I am not late for my reporting. I took into account that it’s the new year and everyone is heading back to work or school. The trains will be jam packed and running slower than usual.

I was proven right when I actually reached the camp way later than I expected. Any way, I changed my identity card for a camp pass and made my way there.

After finishing the administrative stuff, me and two other person were given tasks to do and we did that. Everything else that happened will stay in there.

We were allowed to go home at 5.30pm. We got back our identity card and went home from there.

As I was suffering from a pretty bad tension headache, I took two painkillers to minimize the pain but it didn’t really help. After my dinner, the headache subsided a little. Yet it didn’t change any thing else.

What I plan next

I will turn in for an early night to recover. I hope I will be better tomorrow.

How I feel

I was feeling pretty crappy for the whole day due to my insufficient rest last night. I was over stimulated when I turned in at around 10pm and didn’t manage to sleep until it was about 1.30am. Right now, as I write this, I am having a bad case of tension headache.