Journal #277

Today marks the first day in 2018 that I actually went and played a game on my PC. The last time I powered it on was like more than a month ago.

What Happened

After coming home from breakfast, I decided to play some games on my desktop PC.

I powered it on, log on to Steam, and started browsing through the games. In the meantime, the existing games that I got were undergoing updates. One of the games was Resident Evil 7. Seeing it update reminded me of the DLCs, Not A Hero, where Chris Redfield is the main character.

So I went and installed it. I got down to playing it once it’s installed. But first, I made myself a big cup of coffee because I was feeling sleepy. I didn’t want to play a survival horror game in a sleepy mode.

When the game started, I was looking for any inconsistencies in the back story of Chris Redfield. As I played through it, it became obvious that this is the same Chris Redfield from the earlier games even though the character model is different.

It took me a less than probably an hour and a half to finish the DLC. Even so, I love it.

After I was done with that game, it was almost 2pm in the afternoon and I felt like playing other games.

I was feeling hungry too. So I made myself a big plate of instant noodles. I just didn’t want to go out and buy stuff.

At first I wanted to buy Ashes of Singularity but after reading through the reviews and seeing a little bit of the game play, I found myself not interested.

With that, I began weighing two other options that I have. The first option was The Evil Within 2 and the other was Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. My final decision saw me spending SG$79.90 buying The Evil Within 2.

The reason is simple. I wanted a game that has a deeper story that has an immersive world. I want to experience the game instead of simply running around and shooting things up. Depth is important and usually first person shooter don’t have the kind of depth. Of course, no games will come as close to role-playing games in terms of story depth.

After playing the game for an hour plus, I decided to go for a quick run around my neighborhood. Earlier in the day, I also did two sets of fifteen pushups as part of my training for the physical fitness test that I will have to take. I will gradually increase the sets and reps because my goal is to be able to do 30 proper pushup in under a minute.

I had a quick shower after the run and spent some time playing Sky Force: Reloaded on my iPad Pro while waiting for my family to get ready to leave for dinner.

We went to the nearby mall to have dinner. Specifically, I decided to treat them to eat at A-One, a Chinese restaurant. After that, we went to get a <$1000 desktop PC for my parents and a scanner for my sister. For the PC, I helped my parents to choose Asus even though there were other brands on the shelves. I just don’t trust the quality of the other two brands that were there, specifically Acer and HP,

Once we got the stuff, we went home straight and I help my parents setup the PC. That was when we realize we should have gotten a HDMI cable because we don’t have any more at home. So I went to unplug the HDMI cable that I got for my PS4 and used it. I will get a replacement tomorrow.

The Evil Within 2

I took some screenshots of my play-through of The Evil Within 2 for the first chapter. I got to say, I’m really impressed by the environment, the atmosphere, monsters, and characters. There were times when I actually felt genuinely scared. I can’t say much of the story yet but I can tell it’s getting pretty interesting.

So far, the game does a good job of invoking the sense of dread and sadness. I shall continue to play it tomorrow.

How I Feel

I feel alright today though there were times when I was bit angsty. Mostly, I suspect it was because I’m pretty tired too. When I’m tired, I don’t have the patience to deal with certain stuff.

My body does feel a bit lethargic lately for some reason. I suspect it could be because of my meat intake for the whole week when I’m in military camp doing my training.

Being Grateful

I’m grateful for my family and the things that they have done for me.