Journal #278

The first week of 2018 is now coming to an end and that’s fast.

What happened

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I went to bed at around 3.30am and didn’t really sleep consistently. I remembered various moments when I’m actually awake, tossing and turning. When I did sleep, it wasn’t particularly deep. I got out of bed at about 9.30am.

I made myself some oatmeal for breakfast while my mom prepared sweet potato porridge. While eating the oatmeal, I played The Evil Within 2. I was at chapter 3 as of this morning and I played for several hours until about 2.30pm. I don’t think I have progressed much further because I was spending time completing side quests and roaming around.

Throughout the game, I found myself panicking from time to time due to certain events (e.g. being chased by a monster).

I stopped playing at around 2.30pm, had a quick shower and gone out for lunch. I had lunch at Ichiban Boshi, ordering a Dragon Roll, a couple of Inari sushi, and Unagi Sandwich (tamago wrapping Unagi). I also needed to get a new HDMI cable as I have given my mom my existing one for the PS4.

After I got what I wanted, I went home, installed the HDMI cable. Then I got down to watching the show, The End of the F***ing World, on Netflix.

What I am watching

The show, The End of The F***ing World, caught my attention on Netflix. I watched the trailer a few weeks ago and thought it’s interesting. So I went and binge watched all the episodes today.

How I feel

I feel like how I did yesterday. It was a mix of sleepiness, mild irritation, and the general sense of just wanting to be alone.