Journal #279

Rain in Singapore was so heavy today that it overwhelmed our drainage systems and flooded multiple areas up to knee level.

What happened

Today’s rain was especially heavy. In the middle of the night, I did wake up to hearing the sound of rain but chose to ignore it. When I woke up, it was still raining heavily.

I went through my morning routine as usual but went out later. The rain also increase the amount of time I need to get to the base. So by the time I reached the office, it was already 8.55am, 20 minutes later than my usual arrival time.

Nothing major happened while I was there except during the evening when my officer tasked me and another person to do some stuff. With that, I went home later than usual too but no different from my actual working days.

Once I’m home, I just had a quick shower, had my dinner, watched Star Trek Discovery. I’m just too sleepy to be doing anything else.

What I plan next

I will finish up a review article covering the game The Evil Within 2.

How I feel

I think something is seriously wrong with me. Today is the 8th consecutive day that I’m feeling lethargic and sleepy.

In addition, my neck is feeling pretty stiff.

All that is affecting my ability to write properly or think clearly from time to time.