Journal #281

It is monsoon season and Singapore will be having a wet January. That really affects my ability to travel from one location to another.

Either way, today is just another mundane and boring day but I will just document whatever I can.

What happened

As usual, I went for my reservist training today at 7.30am. I reached the base at around 8.30am, signed my attendance sheet, and settled down.

In the middle of the day, I came down with a runny nose and I had to self-medicate with of-the-counter anti-inflammation and decongestant. It helped to mitigate the runny nose a little but made me super drowsy.

Regardless, I powered through the day. I also spent some time doing some sharing with the full-time national service personnel who were there about life outside.

Later in the afternoon, it started raining heavily and didn’t stop even at around 5.30pm. It marks the end of our training for today too. So my reservist mates and I left the base with umbrella in hand.

As soon as I got home, had a shower and dinner. After that, I got down binge watch the last four episodes of Van Helsing Season 2.

How I feel

I’m feel sick, tired, and happy at the same time. I can’t wait for my reservist to end so that I can focus on doing my writing and other work.