Journal #282

It’s Thursday and the second week of 2018 is almost coming to an end. So does my reservist training. Tomorrow marks the last day.

What happened

Due to the cold weather, I found myself moving slightly more sluggish than usual. That meant I ate my breakfast slower and had a longer shower. By the time I got out of my house, it was already 7.41am.

The weather was pretty wet too with the monsoon season.

The reservist training has mostly wind down as of today. With that, I got more free time that I spent on reading Steve Jobs’ biography. The more I read, the more I respect him. It’s not because of his rebellious, sometimes out of control emotions, but because he’s so self-aware, authentic, and very human.

As usual, the training day concluded at 5.30pm. We left the base and had to deal with the rain. While on the way home, I spent whatever time that I had playing Sky Force: Reloaded. Until now, I’m still stuck on level 13 and having trouble with some of the previous levels. I couldn’t get all the medals, especially the un-touchable medal.

Once I got home, I had a shower and waited for dinner. In the meantime, I went and watched some shows.

After finishing watching the shows and had my dinner, I went and did about 35 pushups, 10 for first set, 15 for the second, and 10 for the third. Other than that, I also did three sets of 20 bicep curls with dumbbells and two sets of 10 side lateral shoulder raise.

Since I’m not a very active person, all that workout already raised my heart rate and making me pant. My arms were also aching by now. And that’s a good thing.

What have I achieved or learnt

Over the past two weeks, I get to learn and apply user experience design. I went about collecting user requirements, understanding different perspectives, and drawing wireframes. Then I also got to look at existing internal products and paid particular attention on UX writing, user interaction with various elements and components, and color scheme.

How I feel

I feel pretty good today. Part of it was due to my reservist training coming to an end. Another part was due to me having sufficient sleep last night.

What I planned next

I found a 3-day course offered by NUS on User Experience Design. Seeing what is being taught, I found myself interested in it and will be signing up for it. Looks like I will be spending three of my annual paid leave for that and will be self-sponsoring.