Journal #286

Today marks my first work day of 2018 after having spent two weeks undergoing reservist training in a military base.

What happened

I woke up at 6.50am instead of 6.30am of the last two weeks. I had to wake up earlier previously because of the need to catch a time-limited bus ride. What I mean by that is the bus runs on a fixed timing and only at certain times of the day.

I was a little slow in general today. So by the time I got out of the house, it was already 8.10. There was another reason for that. I was looking for the lightning to 3.5mm audio jack adapter but couldn’t find it. I only found it after I got to office and it was in my bag all along. It was in one of the compartments where I put my books.

At work, the first half of my morning didn’t see me doing much at all except to catch up on the emails, submission of timesheet, and reading up on the API documents. Then it was two and a half hour of meeting to clarify on the API endpoints with the sub-contractor.

As I didn’t have additional food with me during the meeting, I start to have gastric pain at around 12.00pm and had to bear with the pain until the meeting was over at 12.30pm.

After lunch, my colleagues and I went back to office. We got down looking through the JIRA issues and closing those that are already done. Then we went for another meeting on the tasks and todo list.

During the meeting, I inadvertently put myself into a situation where I will be a full-stack developer covering one of the specific use case. That happened because of my desire to control the design and implementation. Yeah, I’m a control freak. The meeting concluded at 5.30pm and we went back to our desks.

Once back at our desk, I went ahead to prepare the executables for deployment tomorrow in the customer’s environment.

On the way home however, I suddenly realized that I didn’t prepare the configuration file properly for the ClickOnce version of the application. Therefore, it will not work tomorrow unless I figure out a way to resign the application files. But luckily, I had prepared a version of the application that doesn’t need to be deploy and installed via ClickOnce. Just copy and paste the whole folder into the target machine and it will work.

Once home, I had fried chicken wings and rice for dinner and I spent the rest of the night watching shows.

Lifestyle changes

Ever since the beginning of this year, I switched back to an omnivorous diet.

How I feel

I feel great today for having to achieve something useful.

What am I watching now

I went to watch two more episodes of Saga of Tanya the Evil on Netflix and then continued to watch Terminator Genisys. I re-watched Terminator Genisys last night and stopped towards the end as I need to turn in for the night.

What I plan next

Re-reading this article by Aytekin Tank got me to decide to stop procrastinating and actually creating time just so that I can write my novel or any other short stories that I think of.

So that’s what I will do until I turn in for the night. I will continue from where I left off yesterday.

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