Journal #288

I will start off this journal with the following statement that I want to reinforce in my mind.

“Design can only be done properly if you know the problem, the existing limitations, and has pre-existing knowledge of how things were done before.”

What happened

Instead of going to customer’s office today, I went back office so that I can work on my backlog.

So the first thing I worked on was creating an API for my colleague to use for one of her use cases. It took me at least an hour to finish implementing, testing locally, and deploying to the development server for my colleague to integrate.

After lunch, my colleague and I had a deep discussion on the domain approach to design the next module. After the discussion, it became obvious that we didn’t have enough business knowledge to identify the bounded contexts. That discussion took us nearly two and a half hours.

During the discussion, we also went to find out if we can supply a list of values to the LINQ so that we only retrieve a subset of data. It was related to authorization and access control. Before we tried that, we already believed that it will use IN clause but we just have to see it for ourselves. We were proven right and so we had to move on to other solution.

The other solution, which we ended up discussing on length, was the use of RabbitMQ or we implement a mini-version of that. Somehow, we ended up relying on database integration because it’s the easiest and fastest solution to do without lots of boiler code or overhead.

The next thing I also worked on was to refactor the configuration retrieval code. That took me a short while and by about 5.30pm, I was already done and checked in the codes. I also had to clean up the application configuration file which had gotten pretty messy.

Once I’m home and after dinner, I actually went and watch Godzilla: Planet of the Monster on Netflix. It was the first part of a three-part trilogy and it is also the first animated film of the Godzilla franchise. Overall, I enjoyed the film and can’t wait for the second part.

How I feel

Throughout the work day, I had a whole bunch of feelings depending on what I was doing.

I did feel a slight discomfort during the discussion with my colleague because we have different stance to how to approach work or certain things. I rarely prioritize time or resource. I don’t take the balance approach. Instead, I always focus on achieving perfection. Now, I do know that to achieve perfection, one has to keep working on that something with focus and intensity until there is nothing to be done.

But I also recognize that feeling discomfort is an important thing. It means that you are growing in other ways. In this case, it means I have to learn to shift things closer to the middle.

The other times of the day, I feel irritated because one of my colleague always like to remove all the empty lines in the source code, cramping all the functions together. So I keep going around adding back those empty lines. How the hell can anyone read with functions all cramp together? I don’t know. It just irritates the hell out of me.

For this, call me obsessive-compulsive if you want I don’t really care. I just hate textual stuff cramped together.

What am I watching

I grew up listening to Aaron Carter’s music. And recently, he just released his new EP called Love after going on some kind of music hiatus for five years.

This following music video is for one of the songs from that EP. At least the music he makes is familiar.