Journal #290

Third week of the 2018 is almost gone. It’s also the end of my first workweek for the year.

What happened

I spent half of my day at work talking out my feelings with one of my colleague. It definitely helped to reduce or minimize the turmoil I was feeling.

I also spent sometime working on implementing some of the backend functions to support two use cases.

After I was done with that, I turned my attention to testing some other functions my colleague worked on because it involved the identity access module. When I did that, I found multiple potential bugs with the domain. So I went ahead and added checks and some logic to ensure correctness of code.

Later in the day, my colleague and I further discussed on how to improve a piece of function that could have future performance issue. So we decided to go with the use of batching insertion and update.

I left the office with my colleague to further trash out our understanding of some of the access control. It turned out that my colleague have not been clear about the actual use cases.

Once home, I went about catching up on some television shows.

How I feel

I felt pretty upset and irritated in the morning, left over from yesterday. Slowly, as the day went by and talking things out, I felt better.

Now I’m pretty much better to normal.

How to grow

Throughout the day, it became clear that I have to find a middle ground when dealing with people who are more practical and people, who are like me, more about achieving ideal solutions and implementations.