Journal #291

I will start off this journal with the following quote:

“Life is nothing but a series of choices.”

What happened

I woke up this morning and joined my parents for dinner outside. After we came back, I got down to playing The Evil Within 2 for most of the day.

By the time I felt hungry, it was almost 4 pm. I wanted to cook myself some instant noodle when my mom said she will go get lunch instead. I went back to my game until my mom came home with lunch for me and my sister.

I ate that and stopped playing my game. Instead, I went about to watch some short films on YouTube until about 5.50pm when I decided to go for a run.

After my run and had a shower, I went out with my family to have dinner at the Founder Bak Kut Teh. Because we went there pretty late, at around 9pm, most of the stuff have already been sold out.

We started eating after the food arrived and it turned out that most of the dishes aren’t particularly great. I suspected it could be because it was part of a franchise, the quality isn’t there.

After that, we went for a quick shopping at a nearby store that sell traditional Chinese medicine. I went to buy some medicine for clearing what Traditional Chinese Medicine call toxins and heat. The closest thing in western medicine is internal hidden inflammation.

We went home after that. Once home, I got down to watch a show on Netflix.

What am I watching now

I saw The Open House trailer on Netflix a few days ago and decided to watch it today. Thus far, it’s looking to be pretty good and scary.

How I feel

I’m feeling both lazy and content for most of the day.