Journal #292

There is this quote that I thought of while on traveling home on the bus. It was inspired by what I was reading at that time, The 4-Hour workweek.

“Don’t wait to accumulate millions to live like a millionaire. Live like a millionaire with now. All you need to do is to seize the chance now and design your life.” – Brandon

The rawer version of that quote is as follows:

“Don’t need millions to live like a millionaire. Feel like a millionaire with only thousands in your bank.” – Brandon

What happened

I woke up at around 8.40am with a pretty rough night sleep in a way as I found myself waking up several times. I got to see the sun rise up at discrete point in time.

After having breakfast at home, I went and watch some music videos on YouTube and iTunes because there is like only an hour before I need to go out. While watching those, I began writing out the first paragraph of next scene of my book.

At around 12.15pm, I went for a quick shower and brushed my teeth, got dressed, and headed out to the bus stop at around 12.30. It didn’t take too long for the bus to arrive.

I met up with my friend for a movie marathon at the nearby mall. My friend did an online booking of the tickets for the movies we were going to watch early in the morning. First, we watched The Commuter at around 1.15pm. The movie started out slow, progressively got faster in terms of action, lasting 105 minutes. Despite Liam Neeson’s age, I’m still amazed by his fight moves.

After The Commuter, we went for a quick tea break at Popeye where I ordered a 3-piece chicken tender, Cajun cheese fries, and a small cup of green tea. This got to be one of my most unhealthy meal for the day, probably even the whole week.

Once we were done with tea break, we made our way to Guardian where I got two boxes of Difflam anti-inflammation lozenges.

My body has always been particularly sensitive to fried, grilled, and/or extremely oily food. Upon exposure, my throat will start hurting immediately and after that my body will start to feel like it’s on fire. The lozenges helped to minimize the throat discomfort.

We made our way back to the cinema to watch 12 Strong at 3.50pm. The movie ended at around 6.07pm. We didn’t loiter for long and went home straight.

During the times when I journeyed to the mall and back home on the bus, I got down to read The 4-hour workweek. The big difference between this non-fiction book and other non-fiction books that I have read is writing style. The books that I read were written in a story telling form with almost zero use of listings, FAQs, and testimonials. Sometimes, the transition is so abrupt that I had to re-orientate myself. Despite all that, I like what the book is telling me.

How I feel

Throughout the whole day, I didn’t feel particularly talkative and found the constant background noises like talking annoying. For example, my parents were holding normal conversation but their voices are pretty high in volume. I found it quite irritating. Just like how I found vacuum cleaners annoying. So I stuffed my ears with my AirPods and blasted music.

What am I watching now

I have been spending hell lots of time watching videos and shows instead of creating stuff. It’s my fault really. I didn’t have the discipline, constantly being distracted.

Here are some videos that I have watched:

A science fiction short film called Seam.

A series of live performance involving Alan Walker and Tove Styrke for the songs Faded and Alone.

What am I thinking of now

The following was something that I wrote on my Facebook account and then decided against posting there. Instead I will post it here.

It’s that simple. I’m not a musician because I didn’t commit myself to it. I’m not an artist because I didn’t commit myself to it. I gave up half way through my art course.

I could easily score As in Home Economics or Design and Technology during my secondary school studies because I have a knack for those things.

I could paint the walls or plaster up holes without much difficulty. I can fix plumbing issues too. In all the above cases, I will most probably achieve mastery if I train.

It’s all about patience and commitment.

Right now, my focus is on training myself to be a better writer and look at everything from a design perspective. I’m also attempting to “disrupt” my current project team’s working style through introduction of design-driven development. I most probably will fail but it’s worth a try.