Journal #295

I will start off with the following quote from Stephen Hawking:

“When you complain, no one wants to help you.”

Now that’s the quote to remember.

What happened

Yesterday I was asked by my team lead to help the intern with setting up his system so that the project source code can be downloaded, compiled and executed. So I did that today first thing in the morning. I also gave him a quick brief on what’s the system about and how to use it.

During the setup for the intern, I discovered there was a bug with the identity access module. That’s a good thing because it help me to improve the overall quality. So I spent the whole morning fixing the bug and then I join my colleagues for lunch.

Recently, it started to become clear to me that my idealism and my desire for quality have started to rub off on my colleagues. They are now slowly adopting and doing some of the things that I have consistently been pushing and doing. But I know, I’m not that great and desire to continue to improve.

After lunch, I came back to finish the one last task in my backlog and by about 4pm, I was done. Later, I went ahead to start defining the API URIs for the next module and got my colleague to take a look. She commented on it and it helped me to improve further on how it should be. So I went ahead to edit it to make it better and more sensical.

With that, there’s nothing else to do. At least I don’t think I got any more. So I took a break from work and chat with my colleague and browse the internet until it was time to go home. After all, I desire to also live a un-busy life.

At around 4.30pm or so, it started raining heavily and didn’t really subside much when I leave office at 6pm.

I went to get two movie tickets for Maze Runner: The Death Cure for tomorrow. Then I went to the train station and got the train home. On the way home, I went about reading The 4-Hour Work Week until I reached my station.

As I walked home from the MRT station, I came across a pretty big puddle of water and got my shoes filled with water. It’s disgusting and irritating but then there is really nothing I can do about it. So I actually took note of my feelings about that and let it go.

So once home, I went about stuffing my shoes with tissues papers to absorb the water and had a shower. After that, I went about watching an episode of Saga of Tanya The Evil on Netflix before having my dinner.

Once dinner is done, it was all about me watching videos and preparing content for the blog.

What am I watching

Here is something I enjoyed watching, a video from one of my favorite television personality on Augmented Reality. He’s a favorite because of the way he deliver short videos covering philosophical pondering. He’s just too energetic and I love it.

And here is another video that I’m watching from Tom Bilyeu talking about Why You Need to Focus on the Goal.

The video also covered the importance of being yourself and not be someone else. There are also many things Tom talked about. At the end of the day, I conclude it’s all about being extraordinary and grateful.

How I feel

I feel great today.

I feel inspired.

I feel productive.