Journal #297

I will start off this journal with the following quote because it speaks to me: I desire quality in almost everything. And having less is a form of quality in itself.

“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.” – Linda Breen Pierce, 1947

What happened

I woke up this morning at my usual time and had my breakfast. After that, I actually got down to do more drawing of the storyboard for my work on my iPad. Then I had my shower, got dressed, and headed out for work.

Once I reached the mall near my work place, I ordered a fried egg and turkey bacon sandwich from Han’s and hot americano from Starbucks before making my way to my company’s building across the street.

Once in office, I settled down and made a quick decision to work on something. I had a discussion with my team lead about a task to generate scripts to insert data into the application’s database for the pilot deployment. After clarifying some stuff, I got down to work, generating SQL scripts using excel.

At 11am today, my team and I had a meeting to discuss on the storyboard for a set of functions that I did for the next phase of the project. During the meeting, we also trash out the details of the user experience, implementations, and identify issues with the API documents that my colleague created.

But we didn’t finish discuss everything and it was 12 pm. So we scheduled to continue the meeting next monday. My team lead meanwhile has to leave for the day due to some personal issues and the rest of us went to have our lunch at JEM shopping mall.

I ordered a big plate of fried carrot cake because I felt like eating it. In part, because I don’t want to feel hungry before I get home. But I did regret it after because it felt very unhealthy.

After we went back to office, I went about doing some other work like tweaking the storyboard and discussing with my colleague further on what should be implemented to make the whole user experience better. There were also some light discussion on some misunderstanding of the use cases. I also spent some time to list down the names of the domain entities that the application should have.

Somehow, during one of the many discussions, the idea I have for one of the use case got pretty absurd. I suggested implementing a version of the drag and drop operation so that user move some thumbnails of images into a working area and have the system automatically generate something.

My colleague started commenting jokingly, “If you suggest it, then you do it.”

I was like, “it would make the whole thing better and more intuitive for the user.”

My colleague and I went back and forth about who should do it with no conclusion. But I suspect due to the project timeline, it won’t be done and instead we will implement something simpler. But overall, I found it to be a fun experience.

At around 4.30 or 5 pm (not sure), it started raining heavily and made my office slightly cooler. By now, I’m already not really working and was doing other stuff like surfing the net.

I was also trying to decide if I should buy iPhone X. Before that, I went to SingTel’s website to do some calculation of whether it would be worthwhile for me to sign up for a SIM-only plan and buy the phone separately. It turns out that if you are a heavy data user, all the more you should buy the phone separately and go with SIM-only plan.

The post-paid Combo 1, 2, 3 plans are better valued for money if you want to get a phone together with a lower-tier plans with no additional add-ons. But once you get to combo 6 and 12, the amount of money you will have to pay over 24 months can cost you an additional $30 to $1000.

Therefore, I decided to go with SIM-only plan and will buy the iPhone X separately.

Once the clock struck 6pm, I made my move and left office. Upon reaching home, I put down my stuff, had a shower, and went about catching up on all the shows I have yet watched for this week.

Dinner consist of mostly fried and spicy stuff, which again make me feel even unhealthier but they are tasty. Once dinner is over, I went back to catch up on the remaining shows that I have and also clean up my NAS of old files that I don’t need anymore.

How I feel

I feel great today because I got some stuff done and didn’t feel particularly overwhelmed. My work today wasn’t that busy.